Sony PS3 Motion Control Bundle Costs a Bundle

Sony’s big announcement from the video game trade show was a Playstation 3 bundle that includes the Playstation Move camera and motion control wand, one game and a 320 GB hard drive, for $400.

Interesting strategy. By opting for a motion control bundle with a bigger hard drive and price tag than the standard PS3 model, Sony is sending a clear message: This is motion control for the devoted gamer. Come for the roomier hard drive, stay for the fancy new peripheral that lets you play real-time strategy games on a console.

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zootang2986d ago

It's a Bargain! You get what you pay for.

SasanovaS19872986d ago

400 bucks for 320 gigs? on top of that, a free game, psEYE, and move controller? last time i checked, u got 80 gig ps3 for 400 and thats it...enjoy the great deal while it lasts

Motorola2986d ago

If u buy the 160Gb then the 100$ move bundle a few days later. then no

2986d ago
360Defender2986d ago

Then you might be a redneck.

brazilianbumpincher2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

because i cant see parents splashing out $400 when they can get a wii for $200

yes its got blu ray etc but parents dont care about that or shoulds i say research the plus and negatives of each console,sonys pricing has been wrong this gen from ps3 launch price to pspgo,this is no different,360 kinect bundle is a $100 less than sonys bundle.

sony give good games but are clueless at pricing their products competitively

Dee_912986d ago

lets send mass email to Sony demanding white PS3 for the states

anybody down?
im gonna need another ps3 for my living room and a white one would fit right in

Army_of_Darkness2986d ago

I was one of those guys who paid $500 for the 80g motorstorm bundle, so STFU! and enjoy this great deal!

East_Coast2986d ago

"Last time i checked, u got 80 gig ps3 for 400"

Does your calendar say 2005 by any chance?

morganfell2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Listen, the PS3 is a more adult crowd because adults are the technophiles that gravitate toward Bluray. And as the ESA has proven, contrary to the targeting of advertisers it is the adults with the buying power that do the purchasing for themselves.

Do you know which portion of the public buys the most games...for themselves, and not for their kids or someone else? Here is a hint? It isn't the customers under the age of 25.

LoydX-mas2986d ago

If adults over 25 (who happen to be technophiles) buy the most games for themselves.........

then how do you explain the Wii?

rwarner1742986d ago

Sure they buy the wii itself. No one buys wii games because 95% are garbage.

DaTruth2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

"If adults over 25 (who happen to be technophiles) buy the most games for themselves.........

then how do you explain the Wii?"

Baby boomers!!!!

morganfell2986d ago

Exactly Da Truth. He could also look at this:

sikbeta2986d ago


White PS3s? Pffft.... I want This:

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PSfan092986d ago

compare to the kinect bundle=
xbox kinect bundle: 300 for 4gb, and get charged 150+ by ms for hard-drive. plus online fees, no blu-ray, batteries for controller.

2986d ago
RH062986d ago

my buddie updated his newer "SUPREME" only to have under 2gb left. Once those casual gamers wake up to the movies, games etc you can put on your hard drive, they will be shelling out $'s to MS for a "Certified Accessory"

LoydX-mas2986d ago

You "may" be right....or not. It all depends on the buyer.

Just look at the initial "hook" to make the sale: Kinect bundle doesn't need any extra controllers, Move bundle does. Plus it costs more out of the box for two players.

nycredude2986d ago

WTF 4 GB? I have more memory in my usb card! LOL

MS is sneaking. THey make it cheap by giving no memory and when you run out they make you pay for HDD!

It like a drug dealing giving you a free bag.

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yewles12986d ago

"Does your calendar say 2005 by any chance?"

The first 80GB came out in 2007, for $500...

PCnPS3Gamer2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

i thought it was a good deal you even get a dual shock 3 as well.....also i payed 740 CAD for my launch 60gb ps3 and its still kicking :):)...may i add i also bought a halo 3 edition 20gb 360 for 499 CAD like a year or 2 later then once i was done actually buying halo 3 and accessories i was at 1000 CAD lol ms accessories are what get you in the end....then i traded it for a mountain bike cause halo 3 sucked same as halo 2 with a twist yawnnnnn.....also nowadays with pcs and stuff the average plain customer actually brags about hdd space. remeber for a pc 500gbs is standard so most consumers are used to buying large HDDs whether there hcore or never ever sides with 1 side they dont want to screw over there loyal hardcore fans who want on the other hand wowwwww

DaTruth2986d ago

Imagine what we would have paid before parity! I paid $550 CAD for my PS2 and am glad we're not getting beat up like the Aussies!!!

fear882986d ago

I mean look at what you get.

Obviously these guys are whining for a cause that is moot point.

Nineball21122986d ago

@ Army of Darkness... I got that same bundle, but I think I paid more than $500 for it! It seems like it was closer to $600 or something.

Anyways, I paid more for less but I still feel like I got my money's worth.

This is a bargain.

Playerz82986d ago

This bundle is an absolute STEAL if you think about. Stupid PC World, what do they know about PS3, except for R.U.S.E. LOL

otherZinc2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

buy a Nav controller $30
buy an additional Wand for the boxing game $50

buy a Nav controller $30-for little Suzy to play
buy a Wand for little Suzy to play with Johnny $50
buy an additional Wand for Suzy to fight Johnny $50

Total: $210.00
Now the bundle cost the Soccer Mom: $610.00

And She is now Pissed & will relay this message to Soccer Mom 2. Then the sale of SONY Motion will go in the tank!

nsky1712986d ago

well, for every Mom there's a Daddy.

baker_boi2986d ago

What do the lil kids need the navigation controller for? Are they gonna be playin Socom?

Why do two kids need two seperate moves when most games only will require one move controller?

As you could see in most the demonstrations most people just used on controller and passed it around as they finished their turn.

At most you'd buy two Moves and one navigation totaling $130 (at base without tax; $80 after removing the initial controller with the system) for a family. I haven't seen anybody round here with 4 wii-motes let alone 4 WITH the nun-chuck.

That's $55 each (without tax) which would end up being $220, minus the initial wiimote that comes with the system, $180.

But like I said, no body is going to buy 3-4 controllers out the gate no matter which system they are buying for. It's too much money.

but with Kinect you paying 150 dollars out the box and it's limited to 2 people. You don't have a choice to add more, you stuck.

That's $50 dollars more for the same amount players. More if you a first time buyer.

But Microsoft gets the idea you are dismissing (though they tackin on a lil extra for profit). And that's people aren't going to need more than two spots at the time playing these games.

Families pass the controllers around, they don't each have a controller. Unless you're the silver spoon type of family.

callahan092986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

That's not very expensive at all. I bought my PS3 a mere 3 years ago and it was 500 dollars with an 80gb hard drive. If you buy this bundle, it's 100 dollars less than that, you get 4 times the hard drive space, and you get the PlayStation Move bundle. Heck of a deal, if you put it in perspective.

Of course, time goes on and things drop in price. But still, after a couple of years the PS3 is significantly cheaper and offers significantly more.

But who cares about that. Let's put this deal in perspective with the non-Move version of the PS3 that's on sale right now: it's 300 dollars right now for a 120gb PS3. For 100 dollars more, you get almost triple the hard drive space, and the Move bundle. That's actually a freaking GREAT deal.

Compared to the 360's 4gb Kinect bundle, which is 300 dollars... you're getting Blu-Ray, 316gb MORE hard drive space (or 80 TIMES more), and the ability to play online for life for free. Once you've included the cost of your initial subscription to Xbox Live, you've already paid almost the same amount as this PS3 bundle, only you didn't get Blu-Ray, you've got a pittance for hard drive space, and you will have to keep shelling out every year for the ability to keep playing online.

Basically, if I haven't made myself clear yet, I think 400 dollars for this PS3 bundle is an excellent deal and I don't get why people have to post an article announcing the bundle and put some kind of negative spin on it like it's a bad deal when if you break it down, it's a OBJECTIVELY not a bad deal. Would it be competitively nice for Sony to offer a 300 dollar PS3 that has the Move in it? Sure, of course, but that doesn't make THIS bundle a bad deal. Sony obviously doesn't really care about trying to migrate the Wii audience over. And why should they? Those people already BOUGHT the Wii and they're casual enough that they're happy with that, they're not suddenly hardcore gamers just because they like the simple Wii games. They don't care about the biggest and the best. They found the Wii, they enjoyed it, they bought it, and there ya go, that's probably the only console they'll need for a long, long time. Sony is trying to make hardcore gamers find themselves at home on the PS3. That's what they care about. And frankly, that's what I love to see, because that means they're trying to make ME happy. And I'm happy!

callahan092986d ago

@ disagrees: You know I'm right.

PCnPS3Gamer2985d ago

why do people think this bundle is just aimed towards the casuals....well reality check its not, thats not how sony rolls the 320gbs is supposed to be for core gamers. also im sure theyll add a move bundle with 120gb hdd for 299 during xmas or when kinect launches. cuz personally anyone who has there own pc doesnt need 320gbs but it would prevent deleting demos and such.

gamers who assume move is just for casuals climb out from under the rock you've been under for over a year......killzone 3, resident evil 5, socom 4, dead space 2, the fight lights out, ping pong (looks pretty hcore to me considering you can mimic anything in game as real life aka top spin, back spin etc )all say hi....theres more bet that alot of you move haters who are very vocal on this site will play it at a friends when it releases and be like dammmnn this is actually pretty cool......

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SupaGamer2986d ago

They probably don't expect the move to bring in casual gamers.

big_silky2986d ago

I think the author meant that $400 isn't a casual friendly price. I don't think 320 gigs is exactly a necessity for most of the "casual" audience.

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