New F.3.A.R Video of Gameplay

Check out the new video with gameplay for F.3.A.R or F.E.A.R 3 if you like

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NYC_Gamer3010d ago

its ashame how F.3.A.R has went downhill

poindat3010d ago

It all starts with the name. You can't have a truly excellent game without at least a decent name, generally speaking.

Seriously, F.3.A.R? It's a travesty!

Army_of_Darkness3010d ago

This game looks awesome! part 2 was better than part one IMO and this one looks better than both of the previous games!

poindat3010d ago

I'm not saying that it looks bad. I've played the first and loved it (haven't played the second though), but right now I'm not really sure how this one will hold up to it's successor. It certainly doesn't look bad (well except for the name of course :p ), but as I said it doesn't look terribly excellent either.

SOAD3010d ago

"You can't have a truly excellent game without at least a decent name"


No way. Some of the greatest games have crappy titles.

I personally think the name "Uncharted" is not as cool as the name "Tomb Raider" but Uncharted is the better series.

And "Brutal Legend" sounds fucking amazing but the game isn't nearly as epic as the title.

Chnswdchldrn3010d ago

although it doesnt look like complete crap, i think fear 3 has lost one important element that made fear 1 such an amazing game; the over the top particle effects and environmental damage from when you fired your weapon.

dust and sparks and paper and bottles were everywhere and lights were shaking around after firefights, which made them special to me at least

now, fear 3 looks like it has
1. less of that environmental damage i was talkin about
2. weapons that have alot more accuracy and less bullets, which in turn means less mayhem and bullet spraying will be required, which means less environmental damage

raztad3010d ago

Recently bought FEAR 1 and all its expansions for $9 off steam. What a sweet deal. You are right about the particle effects, volumetric smoke and more stuff. They are heavy on the hardware though. I guess those effects had to be toned down to achieve a good framerate.

Apotheosize3010d ago

Loved the first, this looks great as well.

yoshiro3010d ago

thumbs up if you clicked the link because of the image! ohh wait, this isnt youtube

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The story is too old to be commented.