Used Games, Rentals and Piracy Are Killing Retail, says Castle

The retail marketplace in the games industry has definitely seen its struggles over the last year or so. While GameStop's used business is booming, the used games push will only drive retail further into the ground, argues InstantAction CEO Lou Castle. Speaking to IndustryGamers as part of an in-depth talk on his company and the future of gaming, he said second-hand game sales are essentially part of an evil trifecta, adversely impacting the overall games business.

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NYC_Gamer3009d ago

most games arent worth full price anyway

GWAVE3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

True, but it's greedy gamers and lazy devs who are contributing to the problem.

Used games have been around since the NES (though not in such a big way). So, that can't be it. Rentals have also been around since the day of the NES, so that can't be it, either. And console games are difficult to pirate, so it can't simply be piracy, either.

IMO, it's developers who give gamers every reason to return a game by giving us a 5-hour campaign and the same old online multiplayer modes. I return games all the time if I don't need them in my collection. If I'm never going to play them again, what's the point? However, I hang on to every game that is good. Devs just need to make good games.

Unicron3009d ago

Good is often subjective though.

avengers19783009d ago

Piracy yes, used games no, Used games are games that I want to play but will not pay full price for, Some games take forever to drop in price at most retail places, so buying used is a good way to save some cash. I buy plenty of games at full price so I'm pretty sure I give the devs, and publishers 'nuff of my money.

Baliw3009d ago

This people think that the average boy, guy, man, shits money to pay them for their games.

Is funny how rentals kills videogame industry but not the movie industry.

Some people cant buy one game monthly.


ER-AM3009d ago

You do realize that movies make most of their money from theaters and not from DVD/BluRay sales?

nnotdead3009d ago


not always true. a lot of movies do make there money back in DVD sales. also by selling rights to cable channels. rental also has less of an effect because movies are closer to impulse purchase price. $10-15 for a DVD or $20-30 for a blu-ray is easier to swallow than $60 for one game.

lolzers3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised to hear they make more money from cinemas. Cinema tickets take the piss, as well as the prices they charge for drink and food nowadays. I used to love going to the cinema, but all it means now is getting ripped off.

I'd rather sit at home in front of my tv with my surround sound. Going to the cinema is not all it's cracked up to be anymore. When I do get a 3D tv they can take that carrot off the stick as well.

ECM0NEY3009d ago

All food and drink profits go to the actual theater. Ticket profits go to the movie company. If the movie is good enough to stay in theaters for a while (3 weeks) then part of the tickets profits are shared with the theater.

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TOO PAWNED3009d ago

games are too expensive. I dont have 200 to spend on average each month. People haveo ther interests in case these developers/ publishers dont know. BTw what happend with temporary 60 usd price? LOL most of games should be priced around 40-45$

East_Coast3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Killing gaming retail!?!?! Good! Parasites like Gamestop and others are the reason why the gaming industry is fucked right now with all this talk of price hikes and online monthly subscriptions. It has nothing to do with piracy and everything to do with the used game market that these corporations have established. Taking something that people did locally between you and your friends to a level that's now done nationally. And game devs don't see a dime of that used game money. Why haven't they addressed this issue and capitalized on that revenue stream...fuck if I or anybody else knows. So the only people that can do something about this issue aren't doing a fucking thing to help.

I don't buy used games from any of these outlets and if you care about our industry then don't support retail chains like Gamestop. Buy new or shop around you'll find a good deal online. If this shit continues you'll see game prices 70+ in the near future and your favorite game developer go out of business.

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gravemaker3009d ago

What killing retail are insane prices. 60$ for a game? I'll pass, except exclusive games.

ps3best3009d ago

exclusives are easier to get 2nd hand

donniebaseball3009d ago

Castle's absolutely right. The retail side will be totally screwed if people just keep buying used or renting. Definitely see things headed towards digital, although not sure if his InstantAction service is the solution.

avengers19783009d ago

Last year 92% of games sold were hardmedia, and only 8% digital, it will probably be a long time coming for the industry to go Digital.

LastDance3009d ago

DOWN WITH CAPITALISM says the games industry.

big_silky3009d ago

$59.99 for 5 hour long games is what's killing retail.

Why do these guys continue to blame everybody but themselves?

washingmachine3009d ago

how can it be killing it,when this has been going on since way back. why would you buy a game when it first comes out when it plays and looks so rough lol. there are only a handful of games for each system that are quality enuff to spend full price when they frist come out,the rest are maybe you will or maybe youll wait for a few months and get it when it comes down in price or half price cause its so shixt

if all games came out as good looking as drakes uncharted or killzone then id be buying them on release and be broke

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