New Mafia 2 Trailer 'Tools of the Trade'

Check out the new trailer 'Tools of the Trade'

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playstation_clan3008d ago

or is it going to cost me 4 extra bucks

electricshadow3008d ago

Ha, I agree. I really couldn't care less about it not having grass or cloth movement. It's just that 2K is obviously too lazy properly port. I was going to purchase this game day one, but now, it's just a rental. It makes me wonder why games like Uncharted 2 can come out last year and still look even better than this game. Before anyone says to me, yes, I know ND is a first party developer and 2K is not. That's still a poor excuse. I won't support developers that take shortcuts on a version of a game, even if it is a multiplat.

Hitman07693008d ago

Wow are you guys serious? Grass means about as much to my gameplay as farting means to the overall outcome of my day, that is to say not at all. This game looks really good from all angles and I wouldn't pass on it just because of something as trivial as grass, grow up!!!

whothedog3008d ago


Well I agree that if it is that great of a game that having no grass shouldn't be a big deal but on the other hand, if fans keep eating up games where the devs are taking shortcuts or giving the bare minimum, than they will continue to do so and think they can always get away with it.

They also are giving exclusive DLC but why not use those resources to get it up to par with other platforms.

Personally I probably won't play this game, doesn't look bad but I am just not that interested, and all the grass in the world won't change that :)

Syaz13008d ago


wow, grass iz seriouz biznez. you're not trolling at all realli. grass merely accounts to a missing texture, it's not really a big deal at all. that's like suing rockstar for making gta 4 sub hd on the ps3. it's merely a technical deficiency, not a game breaker.

ChronoJoe3008d ago

Actually despite being sub HD on PS3, rockstars GTA is technically superior on PS3 with a greater draw distance, and framerate. With the sad fact being that people had to count the pixels of the PS3 version to tell that it was of low resolution, proves that people simply can't see the visual difference in minor differences in resolution.

This however, is missing grass. There's no good way to look at it, it sucks. Grass is one of the most common textures in the game, and it's missing. Presumably exactly because it's one of the most common textures in the game, but pathetic none the less.

However. I don't think it will ruin the experience, and I don't think it will effect the experience of those who aren't aware what should be there in the grasses place. What will bug me, will be looking at it and thinking somethings off, every time.

And this is why, for me. Mafia II went from a first day purchase, to a month down the road purchase. I probably would have still bought it if I wasn't strapped for cash, too right now, but the grass was enough tip me over on buying later than sooner.

So the point being, yes it does make a difference, and I'm not trolling since I own a PS3 only. I just care about grass texture, I would rather have the grass there, than the extra DLC content.

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Hydrolex3008d ago

no thanks, I have a friend that gives me grass for 20

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