Super Street Fighter IV 3D will allow gamers to be "in the game"

"According to Paul Gale Network, Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV 3D for the Nintendo 3DS will allow players to be 'in the game' and even fight in literally 'home made' backgrounds."

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JeromeRichfield3008d ago

What a fantastic idea IF true....

John007guy3008d ago

That would be a cool feature and all but hopefully the online is smooth. That's number one for me.

badz1493008d ago

with a screen THAT small, if it's me, I would go as far as to say THAT! accuse me for trolling or anything but personally, even on the super huge screen cinema watching 3D movies, I've never felt I'm IN the movies. so how can a screen like 100x smaller accomplish THAT?

condorstrike3008d ago

im sorry, wrong button, i meant to disagree, troll!!!.

RobinGB3008d ago

I hope that online you will be able to fight people only under the same control scheme. It would suck for simple control players to go up against regulars. They would spam the &[email protected]! out of special moves

DA_SHREDDER3008d ago

Wow this is so fuckin stupid. There is already 3-D games on the ps3 yet they haven't even talked about SF4 for the ps3 being in 3-D? Capcom a bunch of 360 fanboys,, and honestly im getting pretty sick of them.

hannibus3008d ago

This game is for the Nintendo 3ds not xbox 360......

makult3008d ago

Right and why would anyone disagree with you? People make no sense......

Griefy3008d ago

Will allow me to create a background thats my bedroom? Maybe Cammy/Viper matches to come. Hips and ass, I may be in heaven.

DaThreats3008d ago

that means they will make SSF4 on PS3 3D on a patch

HiroyasuKarpovsky3008d ago

They're doing it for RE5 Gold so maybe

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The story is too old to be commented.