Does Mass Effect 2 for PS3 need Mass Effect to be a success?

GamesCom 2010 is now in the history books, and there was a ton of massive announcements that set the gaming industry abuzz. However the biggest announcement too many gamers was that the highly praised Mass Effect 2 was coming to PlayStation 3 (PS3). This was a megaton for Sony fans and this announcement has to be, as big as, if not bigger than, Final Fantasy XIII going to Xbox 360. While, this is great news for gamers, Mass Effect, the prequel to Mass Effect 2, is not coming to PS3. And with a game so focused on its narrative to some it will seem like the PS3 gamers are getting the short end of the stick. Now this conundrum call into question as to whether, or not a Mass Effect 2 needs the prequel to be successful on PS3.

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NYC_Gamer2985d ago

not really because the story of part 1 will be explained in the sequel for ps3

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gamerzBEreal172985d ago

Jeez guys it's not all about story it's called GAMEPLAY yea i know rpg but still

GWAVE2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Ultimately, I find it funny and quite ironic that the media's biggest complaint is that PS3 gamers are somehow going to miss out on some massive portion of ME2 because they can't play ME1 on the PS3. Bioware and Microsoft both said over and over again that ME1 was not an essential experience before playing ME2.

Yes, yes, we have all been anticipating MGS:Rising on the 360 with no prior experience with the series. Yes, even though we all enjoyed Fallout 3 and Oblivion, despite never playing the prior games which are referenced HEAVILY in F3 and Oblivion. Yes, we played Devil May Cry 4 just fine on the 360 without the previous three, as well as Resident Evil 5, Killzone 2, Halo 3, and countless other sequels out there.

Oh! But I'm so grateful to the media for being concerned for us poor ol' PS3 gamers who are going to have to play a self-contained sequel without the previous game. Their concern is so heart-touching.

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kneon2985d ago

And you can pick up Mass Effect for PC if you really want to for no more than $20 in most places, I got it for half that earlier this year. If you can't find it then it's also available on steam.

DarkSpawnClone2985d ago

thats the plan :)..this is great.i never thought mass effect was coming to ps3.Bioware <3

Captain Tuttle2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

How is Skullsmasher's post off topic? I mean, it's not the most intelligent post but it's certainly not reportable.

And anyone who doesn't play ME 1 before playing ME 2 is doing themselves a big disservice. Find a way to play the first one before you play the second. You won't be disappointed.

SasanovaS19872985d ago

did we need kz1 to play kz2?

Duke Spookem2985d ago

You do if you don't want to get lost in the story.

CryofSilence2981d ago

I played KZ1 and it made KZ2 even better. I was stunned when


Templar died.

FACTUAL evidence2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I think this was a good move. I think they are trying to get ps3 owners ready for ME3.

Offtopic-LMAO @ fanboys on youtube, their souls are crushed! XD

EDIT- I believe ps3 got saints row 2, but never got saints row 1. It also featured a character carry over option on 360 if you owned part 1. Hmmm...guess Sony didn't need SR1 afterall. I say the same for ME1.

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Baltis2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

No. No it doesn't. Anyone who thinks so is an idiot. Gamer's, by and large, are casual fans. Hardcore gamers are very few in the grand scheme of the millions who buy games and systems. I wish people would realize this. Like Hollywood and the Music industry, everything is disposable. Only a very small % of gamers collect games. Out of nearly 40 million Ps3 owners, some 3% might want every game they have released or buy follow ups and keep the originals in their collection. Gamers, actual gamers that matter to these companies, have a rotating door when it comes to what they play and how long they play it.

Disagree all you want, I'm right. Mass Effect isn't needed on the Ps3 for Mass Effect 2 to sell through the nose. Mass Effect 2 will sell very well on the Ps3. Perhaps, even more than it did on the xbox 360. The target audience is there on the Ps3. Ps3 owners want this style of game. Ps3 owners clamor for more than just shooters and the casual experience.

Dramscus2985d ago

I don't see how that's even the same subject. Insomniac is going to make new multi-platform games. Sony isn't losing any exclusives.

This guy is 100% spot on the money with his comment. Your just picking bones.

darkdoom30002985d ago

Well... insomniac did just announce 2 Ps3 exclusive games. so yeah....

MaximusPrime2985d ago

nope, ps3 is already a success and still is

-MD-2985d ago

It's asking if Mass Effect 2 needs the original to be a success not the PS3.

MaximusPrime2985d ago

thanks. sometimes title can be misleading for those like me not reading full article

comp_ali2985d ago

or the fanboysim blind the eye sometimes.

TheTeam062985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Meh... Saint's Row 2 did just fine.

Yes, yes, I get it. "The story is much more compelling with the first". I understand that. Do I think you're gonna die by not playing the first? Nah. Besides, they'll probably do something to help those catch up with the story. It's not like it's 20 years worth of story-telling (*ahem*MGS*ahem*).

@Maximus: I don't think they were talking about the PS3 needing Mass Effect to become a success.

ElementX2985d ago

I finished ME1 again last night and there's a lot going on. Reading about what happened in the first game is not going to be as fulfilling as actually experiencing it. All the races, storylines, characters, and locations have been set up for the sequel.

nycredude2985d ago

Who cares it won't make the game any worse. It's still an awesome game nonetheless and I urge anyone, I ANYONE who hasn't played it to buy it. Awesome game deserve the sales.

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Why o why2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

there are ways around it but you're right it will never be as fulfilling as playing it yourself. Im sure EA bioware will do something to make it easier for the first timers. Kinda like the backstory/cutscenes put on the yakuza 3 game that you can view at any save point or safehouse. It had the back story for both of the predecessors. I still enjoyed the game but im sure those who have played the originals would have enjoyed it more. Not really an issue

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