How Well Will Mass Effect 2 Perform On The PS3 Sales Wise?

Gary A Swaby of writes: The following audio podcast is our responses to the recent announcement of Mass Effect 2 becoming available for the Playstation 3 platform. During the episode we debate over what EA and Bioware will actually achieve with this new move. We also discuss the Resistance franchise and how relevant it is as an IP on the Playstation 3. Share your thoughts below and get involved with the discussion.

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NYC_Gamer2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

mass effect 2.. should do good sales wise

brazilianbumpincher2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

heavy rain has sold over 1.5 million i can see me2 doing 2mil easily especially due to the hype its getting,also due to it being the highest rated 360 game even more than halo,and due to ps3 owners constantly hearing how good the game is from 360 owners and media alike

this game will do very good numbers

Hades13372986d ago

I doubt it. The game is a year old and it releases in January. Bioshock 1 sold very little when it was ported to the PS3, and that was GOTY by many accounts.

Megaton2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I think the BioShock analogy is most appropriate. Pretty much the same situation. Coming out a year later after months of "it'll never happen". Most people already got it out of their system.

Then again, the PS3 has had 2 years to grow its install base since BioShock, and it'll be coming with an assload of extra content on the disc.

I'll maintain low expectations, but it would be nice to see it do well. Mass Effect is a great series.

Army_of_Darkness2986d ago

And I will buy it! cause if we're getting sloppy seconds, we should at least get a discount!

ExplosionSauce2986d ago

If it comes out this year, t'll do great.
But if it comes out next year, it'll do ok. I think some of the hype may have faded away by then.

AndrewRyan2986d ago

For people who hyped the game probably already played it at a friends house or on their PC. If they didn't now they will be jan 2011.

rroded2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

they include me1 n market it a bit with a 40 dollar price tag it will sell like mad
if its jus me2 for 60 bucks with no advertising not so well imho

me3 on the other hand may well outsell the 360 version on the ps3.

ABizzel12986d ago

Even though it'll be a year old port, and most of the time those old Port's (Bioshock for example) don't sell too well, I expect Mass Effect 2 to do at least 1 million plus.

0mega42985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

on if it will be more than a simple port.
additionally this is a title which was in very high demand from ps3 users.

so if they do like EA has stated for all there titles
which is to bring the best edition to the ps3

then M3 will be more successful on the PS3 than the xbox
due to the fact that console users will want the best experience they can get if they don't have access to a computer

as xbox has already lost ground while they disregard there core audience
by putting too much focus on kinect and not enough on securing exclusives and third party developers

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Christopher2986d ago

It will do okay, but not equal to the 360 or PC, IMHO. Regardless, the importance of this is getting the franchise on the PS3 so when ME3 comes out, everyone can get it at the same time no matter what platform they buy it on.

GiggMan2986d ago

I agree, I'm also sure the multi-console owners (like myself) already bought it on the 360 and some PS3 only owners may have bought it on PC.

The main thing is that it's now available for your system of choice regardless.

raztad2986d ago

I actually think is gonna do better than ok. Game is quality and the PS3 userbase is much larger now.

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joydestroy2986d ago

yeah, especially if it gets Move support which i really hope happens. i'd def buy it again lol

soljah2986d ago

this is not really about mass effect 2 this is all about setting the stage for ms3 to be released on the ps3 time and date with the 360 and pc

EVILDEAD3602986d ago

Timed ports to the PS3 just havent sold as well..but the one better ones do a about 50%..Bioshock was the example I used..because it was the biggest based on the success the game had on the 360

But you have duds like F.E.A.R. to Elder Scrolls which did 3 Million on the 360 and 1.3 million on the PS3 as a timed exclusive..

Mass Effect 2 sales on the PS3 will be interesting..but a million might be tough..only time will'll either do well and go Elder or it could do Ninja Gaiden numbers and hope to build an audience for Mass Effect 3.


pain777pas2986d ago

This is a PS3 type game for an older audience. I think this is a Heavy Rain or GOW3 type of mature game. It is right up PS3 owner' alleys. I will state that it should guranteed sell at least 1 million copies. However, I truly believe that Bioware will polish the game on the PS3 so it should get a good review score and most will say if you didn't buy it for the 360 then by all means get it. I played the demo off steam and wanted to play it with a controller so I held off. This is a really quality game that truly would have benefitted from PS3 development from the outset with the Bluray as a file format. I hope Bioware go to town and don't hold back on anything. They don't have to compress anything at all they could dump a good 15gigs and call it a day with lossless audio and no compressed texture assets etc... Lets all be happy about this the game is very good. Still think Oblivion beats it in immersion and complete freedom but it beats fallout 3 in playability and setting. Gotta love games. Can't wait day one purchase.

FACTUAL evidence2986d ago

I have ME2 on PC, but if ME2 ps3 is another crappy port then I'm not going to invest in it on ps3. Idc what people think, but I'm kinda waiting on a Head 2 Head to see if the ps3 version is on par, or better. They found ps3 code in ME2 months back, no excuse for being a shitty port.

EvilBlackCat2986d ago

PS3 fanboys should just shut the hell up now and enjoy this ride.

Since the 1st day Mass Effect 1 was released this retards bashed the game just because is not on their console of choice but now for them NOW MassEffect is DA shit. You know what shut up forget about your ignorant stupidity in the past and enjoy the game. Support Bioware and support Western RPG's.

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Baltis2986d ago ShowReplies(2)
coolbeans2986d ago

At this point it's pure speculation. The difference between Bioshock 1 and ME:2 would be about 10 million+ more PS3's on the market.

ico922986d ago

Bioshock was released around the same time as LBP, Resistance 2 and [email protected] ,

HeroXIV2986d ago

874,528 on launch, 395,495 week 2, 198,495 week 3, 82,867 week 4. 3.5M lifetime.

Kingdom Come2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Not on PS3 it won't. Many who wanted the game who didn't own a 360, got it for PC.

homer2985d ago

I can only see it doing 1.2 million tops with the most being sold at the front end. I base this after reviewing vgchartz(albeit, not entirely accurate, but the best I have seen as of yet) numbers for Mass Effect 2 on 360. I doubt it will outsell the 360 or pc #'s mainly due to it being late.

htownplaya2986d ago

Bioshock 1 was highly rated and critically acclaimed. It was GOTY 2007 and when it arrived on PS3 a year later it didn't perform too well. History will repeat itself.

Bioware is wasting time, money, and resources only to make a small profit.

Seijoru2986d ago

I have saved your comment. You will eat your words.

All_4_One2986d ago

Bioshock? I would think COD4 took home most of the 2007 GOTY awards.

militant072986d ago

not single game get that award....
mario galaxy won too that year

Focker-4202986d ago

Why do you guys keep mentioning Bioshock?? They are two completely different games. Therefore you cannot predict ME2's sales on a game that has no relevance and/or similarities to it.

The hype for Mass Effect is leaps and bounds over Bioshock anyway.

nycredude2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I loved Bioshock but it isn't Mass Effect 2.

Besides How many Ps3s were in the wild in 2008? 20M maybe? you guys haven't a clue what you are talking about comparing this to Bioshock. Times have changed. This will do well. Contrary to popular 360 fanatics beliefs Ps3 owners not only buy games, but they buy more games, especially good ones.


Bioshock was a hybrid fps rpg. and Me2 was tps rpg lite.

But I agree apples and oranges cause the install base for Ps3 is way higher now.

lolzers2986d ago

In the wild? Really, in the wild?

How many Ps3s were in peoples homes... - How many Ps3s were sold... - How many people had Ps3s...

These are quite reasonable ways to start off your sentence, saying 'in the wild' makes me think of lions and tigers and bears (ooh my), not a console.

A small point maybe, but it narked me.

Carry on.

kalel1142986d ago

Bioshock is a shooter and ME2 is an RPG. Two different types of games appealing to two differnet types of gamers.

Unicron2986d ago

MGS2 on the Xbox sold terribly.

MGSR will flop on the 360, because "history repeats itself." Thus Konami is also being foolish, no?

militant072986d ago

your comparing original xbox to xbox360?

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