Why Japanese Developers Need New IPs

Many Japanese developers are struggling to keep up with the big numbers drawn in by western games. This isn't as much speculation, as it is fact. Outside of Nintendo, Square Enix, and Platinum Games (and a few select others), it's difficult to really pin down a developer that's been a hit overseas which Japan can directly claim. But the reasons behind these failures are not hard to identify. In fact, it can all be summed up in one pretty simple question: Where are the new IP's?

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Hardedge3036d ago

It's not so much that they need new IPs, they just need new ideas that appeal to the global audience. Most Western games aren't exactly entirely new, they may be a new IP but they're just building and adding on to an already solid idea or concept.

Baka-akaB3036d ago

but they actually dont need to focus on global . what they are mostly doing alienating a sizable and actually profitable local market , out of lust and greed for more "exotic" markets .

Contrary to what is so lightly and without much evidence proclaimed nowadays western games dont have a global appeal and success . They only ones that do seems to be from blizzard .

Most western ips fail hard in asia , and arent performing better in a few other places .

And people love to conveniently forget that outside GTA , halo and cod , a big chunk of the biggest selling console franchise are actually from japanese devs , even if mostly first party titles .

GWAVE3036d ago

Yeah. Japanese devs totally need new IPs. That why they've been coming out with yet another Need For Speed, yet another Halo, yet another Gears of War, yet another Call of Duty, yet another Medal of Honor, yet another Fallout, yet another Guitar Hero, and yet another Rock Band.

pork_chop_express3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

you are right.

its a load of shite japanese devs need to appreciate themselves and forget trying to change to try and get a hold of the idiot dollar.

KiRBY30003036d ago

Nino Kuni
The Last Guardian
Whatever Kojima next game (Snatcher?)
Catherine (Persona team)

Japs are doing fine. :)

Gohadouken3036d ago

lol none of the biggest selling franchise right now are new ips

poopface13035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I love demons souls and it is a good new IP for the japanese devs. They should make another one soon. Id buy it.

Demons souls seems to appeal to a worldwide audience more than the traditional JRPG, so it could be a great franchise for them. Im not sure how it did in Japan, but it seems like a game that would be popular all over the world.

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ShawnCollier3036d ago

I do hope that Japanese RPG developers don't try molding their games on WRPGs, though.

I do like some aspects of them but the characters in WRPGs feel too "wooden" to me.

Eskimo Keith3036d ago

Saying that Japanese Developers need new IPs to cater for Western audiences is like saying that Western Developers need to do the same in kind for Japanese audiences. Sure there's more potential to make money from a bigger audience but solely concentrating on the Japanese audience can still be profitable. I don't think they 'need' to do anything, just make great games like they're supposed to.

scar203036d ago

i have to agree wit u and they can start by making LEGEND OF DRAGOON 2 best rpg i ever played :).

Baka-akaB3036d ago

hey well they made a new cod!! that's new after all right ?

NYC_Gamer3036d ago

Jrpgs need to be more true to their roots/fans...and stop looking to western appeal

JDouglasGU3036d ago

staying stagnate in their old ways is the problem and the reason their popularity is in rapid decline.

Jeff-Ryan3036d ago

and turned out to be a crap

ranmafandude3036d ago

they tried to cater to frag head gamers which don't even like these types of games in the first sold alot but it's still a shitty game it's not worthy of the final fantasy name.

Stealth20k3036d ago

American game companies need new ips worse.....

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