Top 10 Scariest Games Ever.

Turn off your lights, crank up the volume and get ready to hide under the covers. These top 10 scariest games ever will have you sleeping with one eye open for a very long time. These games are the best of their kind at torturing our primal instinct of fear to the point where looking at the screen is almost too much. With that, here is our list of the Top 10 Scariest Games Ever:

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MidnightWatcher4677d ago

For me Dead Space would be in their as it had the atmosphere that all great horror games have, which makes you forget that you are playing a game which creates true terror.
Overall i pretty much agree with every game on that list

sam22364677d ago

Nice list. I'd kill for another Siren.

Darkfiber4677d ago

Wow, this is actually a surprisingly good list for once. Glad to see Penumbra: Black Plague for once, that game scared the shit out of me. Also glad to see that Dead Space WASN'T on the list :)

devilhunterx4677d ago

I would put Haunted Ground on that list instead of Resident Evil.

Psychological Horror > "Jump out of the closet screaming at the top of your voice" horror any day

MeatAbstract4677d ago

I loved The Suffering on PS2. Played through that many, many times.

shovelbum4677d ago

The Suffering was awesome. I'd add Dead Space as well, great atmosphere and surround sound to that game.

Synex4676d ago

The Suffering was amazing. I would love a remake.

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