Rumor: Sony: Sell More PSPs to Get PS3s

It looks as though retailers who want more stock of the next-gen PS3 will simply have to sell more PSP's and PS2's.

Kotaku went and found out more....

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THELANDSOFSAND5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

"Hardware allocation will NOT be based on existing pre-orders (or "deposits")."

that is fu(ked up. people will be so pissed if they have decided this...

damn, did sony recruit from enron or something?

D R Fz5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

So this article in no way undermines the goals of the ps3. And if it wasn't rumor, its nothing new. Sony utilized a similar strategy for selling the ps2, which was a huge success. Even microsoft adopted this method, hence the reason why BB,Wal-Mart recieved more 360's than other stores. The Ps3 will sell out not because of shortages but because of its popularity and the next gen experience it will provide for the world. And why are you worried about pre-orders, you've already stated numerous times that you're not getting one.

Lucidmantra5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

Actually it will sell out due to shortages becaue they took forever to get to manufacture with the PS3. And also this only affects Gamestop style stores. Best Buy will get plenty because Sony pays BB to have such a large display area and they want to keep them stocked. You will be here whining about shortages just like everyone else. Because some stores were accepting pre-orders back when the 360 launched with a TBD as the date and when i reserved my 360 I was asking about PS3 preorders almost 2 years ago. BUT the MAJOR reason companies like BB and Walmart get more is because they get Larger exposure to customers, due to the fact there isn't a Gamestop out in Smallville Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Mississippi, North Dakota, or whatever those places be in the UK, Japan, Africa, or where ever.

Watapata5393d ago

FYI...there are plenty of Gamestops in Illinois...just throwing it out there :-P

HyperBear5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

Esp. for me seeing is how I have a 360 and was looking forward to getting a PS3 on launch, but my local EB Games has only sold about 10-15 PSP's, and i dont know how many Slim-line PS2's, but its not that many. So im looking at about a 5-10% chance of getting a PS3, seeing is how, if this is true, that all there'll be in my city for launch is about 10-20. (Have to add Best Buy and Future Shop)

achira5394d ago

i think thats a false rumour. everyone will get his ps3 on launch.

Lucidmantra5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

HAHAHAHHAA achira you really are a dillusional fool if you think everyone will get one. The list at the gamestop i goto is 60 people already they got exactly 20 360's at launch because here in San Diego area there are like 15 GameStops. They were camping at Best Buy for 20 boxes, and less at other places... some EBstores only getting 3 systems. I guess you really think that Kaz can pull them out of his ass. There will be shortages. Maybe you are too young to remember the PS2 debacle but i do. It was stupid. This one will be too because they are doing a worldwide launch this time also. I hope Sony does as well as Microsoft did ;) Believe me it is my sinceresy wish for you to get your PS3 on Nov 22 bro, it just is reality unless you are on the top 20 odff the preorderlist you better buy a sleeping bag and get your PSP charged up and find a Best Buy out in the middle of nowhere.

Believe me if Sony can ship 6 million before January it would be a major step to taking back the customer base they are losing with the price for it. And I stated 3 polls at gamefaqs, gamespot over the last 3 days that 50% of respondants said they are not getting a PS3. %60 said it was too expensive. and before you say anything those websites have a very heavy Nintendo fanbase with Zelda and Mario willing almost every poll they put up.

TheMART5394d ago

Ofcourse Achira. Everyone will get it's PS3 for launch. Damn your Crystal ball again?

Man. I know why everyone will get it's PS3 for launch!

It's because only you and Gametime have pre-ordered one!

Enjoy your massive brick for 600 dollars and a few games times 80 dollars a piece at least

4me25394d ago

Just to make you angry I will pre-ordered the second one! LOL

4me25394d ago

How impolite of me.....I will pre-order the 3rd one just for You!!!! LOL

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Daewoodrow5394d ago

If this is true, it emans there is a PS3 shortage in the books. It would mean they are trying to strategically allcoate scarce units to maximise the number sold.

mikeeno75394d ago

It's a pity really. People on this site think all the flaming will stop once PS3 and Wii are out, but the fact is that some people on this site [withdrawn names to protect myself from possible assassination] will just continue to flame about the the particular consoles greatness because they are unbelievable losers and geeks...

Lucidmantra5394d ago

Only a Loser or geek to you. You are doing the same think hiding behind your little computer and pointing and calling names. So I guess you can step into the loser and geek holding pen also.

You made it to easy by incriminating yourself.

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