Pachter's Podium: Nintendo Has Nothing New, 'Should Have Pre-empted' Kinect and Move

In this month's "Pachter's Podium," IndustryGamers' exclusive Q&A column with Wedbush Morgan Securities' Michael Pachter, the analyst takes a hard look at Nintendo's Wii strategy and what they should be doing differently, the future of Infinity Ward, Mafia II's chances for success, if EA should be backing Tiger and more.

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yewles12985d ago

Congratz, you just doomed Move and Kinect to fail...

Anime-Vixen2985d ago

♥ This guy is a joke ♥

Acquiescence2985d ago

At the very least he's not a Twilight fan. Then he really would be an awful person!

donniebaseball2985d ago

Nintendo seems to have its head in the ground like some ostrich or something. Or maybe they have something secret that they'll announce later this year? The Wii is definitely not doing as well as before. Pachter may be on to something.

ozstar2985d ago

Its called the 3DS man

Id love to tip a worldwide Christmas release, but Pachter doesn't know anything, and neither do IGN, so it makes sense for them to ONCE AGAIN write off Nintendo as losers.

Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me.

swice2985d ago

Of course it isn't doing as well as before. That's because EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMA has one now.

matey2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Why when there the only 1 clearly active in making the next big step from this gen and have openly said it will use AMD FUSION APU head in the sand look when 3DS comes out it will show ps3/360 how graphics are done Capcom have already said there 3DS games will be like movies ect look it up that device will stop people buying 360/ps3 consoles then they will announce Wii2/WiiRS thats got FUSION APU/HOLOGRAPHIC STORAGE and will blow the entire industry to pieces hold me to it if u want 3DS is 200/400 times more powerfull than DS and that alone speaks volumes for whats next on the HOME FRONT sorry your head is in the sand not NINTENDOS

BDSE2985d ago

I still remember Patcher predicting Kinect to cost $50.

Trunkz Jr2985d ago

lol This is why I don't listen to the guy anymore. No different then a psychic, they can predict 1000 things and if 1-2 come true, omgz! Really this guy doesn't need anymore attention...

Megaton2985d ago

Pachter's Podium? What happened to GT's Pach Attack? One show wasn't enough for this clown?

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The story is too old to be commented.