IGN: Gamescom: GoldenEye 007 in Germany

Activision used Gamescom as an excuse to show off the upcoming GoldenEye 007 two different ways: first, IGN got a chance to play a multiplayer session using nothing but classic controllers (and with the upcoming limited edition gold Classic Controller Pro), and second, the company showed them a new area in single player that wasn't the dam level for the umpteenth time.

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SpoonyRedMage2983d ago

Nice to know that it's looking good. At first I thought the game was going to be poo but it's quickly surprised and reversed that feeling.

EvilTwin2983d ago

"First, multiplayer. Yes, the final version will support up to eight players online (no voice chat, though…bummer), but to mimic the classic Nintendo 64 experience Eurocom has enabled four player split screen for local team and deathmatch modes."
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No VC? Frick. That stinks.

I'd probably still buy this over Con2 (even with its dongle headset), but if COD:BO gets VC, that'll make this a tough decision.

matey2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

they should do voice chat through the headbanger why not i mean we should just say we want it full stop 360/ps3 gamers say they want something and normally 9 times out of ten they get it why an earth would u not put voice chat in there when its meant to be Goldeneye remake that is a silly move come on guys lets tell eurocom we want it and they better put it in there or else we wont buy the game full stop forget the excuses they should put it in there and if people dont want it at least its there for people who do but split screen isnt as good because u normally take a hit in graphics we need voice chat full stop HEADBANGER HEADBANGER HEADBANGER HEADBANGER it was at e3 and gamescom what the hell Activision and EA with NBA JAM Wii the main retail game and they havnt even made online a must and then say u can have online NBA JAM on 360/ps3 for free if u buy NBA Elite might leave that game alone on wii they say we get the full game so what its not full without online

matey2983d ago

get all 3 i mean i heard black ops wii is coming with voice chat ect

CoreGamer2983d ago

ill prob get this and black ops

matey2983d ago

But conduit has headbanger support im getting that aswell