Game Judgment - Xbox Slim Review – Is It Time To Upgrade?

Game Judgment's Anthony Arvizu recently got his hands on Microsoft's Xbox redesign but the question is, is it worth the upgrade?

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pat_11_52984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

What a waist of a perfectly good system. He didn't even actually put it in the toilet, it's not even touching water.

I have no interest in "Upgrading" (questionable choice of words by the way) to a PS3. I'm not a fanboy but as of right now the Xbox has all the franchises and games I want to play.

ABizzel12984d ago

Yes if a 360 is all you need to get gaming satisfaction then upgrade, but only if you can't get a trade in deal for the new 360 then no, your old console is just fine unless it's warranty has expired then upgrade.


That has nothing to do with upgrading to a 360S. But the PS3 is on a roll.

pat_11_52984d ago

Kinect appeals to a certain audience, the industry buz (non N4G PS3 centric users) has been reasonably positive lately. I have no interest in waving my hands in front of my TV to play a game so neither Move nor Kinect really interest me at all.

I don't know how Milo is an epic fail, not that I was interested in it anyways. All I'm looking forward to right now is NHL 11, Halo: Reach and Dead rising.

I don't really understand your post, it's full of random typos.

Fatal Blow2984d ago

Well i pre-ordered my halo reach Limited Edition Console am getting it only to play halo reach but ms has messed up they really need 1st party studios

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