Eat Them! Preview (RunDLC)

Have you ever wanted to be a big hulking monster trashing the city? Well, now you can with this upcoming PlayStation Network romp!

hammersuit4794d ago

This is looking really good, love the 50s vibe to it.

ActionBastard4794d ago

And yet another PSN game to buy. This is getting ridiculous.


New Video Game Releases: Dec 19 – Dec 25 (Happy Holidays Edition)

Ripten: It’s a very magical holiday season as both Christmas and Hanukkah fall upon the same release week. Will the December blues continue with yet another bah-humbug release week or could a release from a galaxy far far away have gamers yelling, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” ?

BlackjackCF4307d ago

I wish I had enough money left over for SWTOR. Yes, I know it's a game you shouldn't put on the back burner, but presents come first. Sorry Bioware. I'm going to have to make you wait on this one (sadly). :(

I'm also excited about Trine 2. I wonder how it's going to be?

kcuthbertson4307d ago

I already bought Trine 2 on PC and It's GREAT. Much better than the first, and I loved the first one =]

BlackjackCF4300d ago

I still have yet to give Trine 1 a complete playthrough. Now I have to, on your rec. :)

kevco334307d ago

Time. I'd love SWTOR, but when the hell would I find time to play it?

Never, that's when.

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TGH: Eat Them! Review

TGH writes: Remember Rampage? You know, the Midway classic that pits one of 4 mutant monsters against the world? You take control of a monster, eat people for energy, and destroy as much of a city as you can in the allotted time. Eat Them, is very much built off of that same framework. FluffyLogic has attempted to recreate that arcade “Destroy the world feeling” with a fully customizable monster romp of their own.

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ShadyDevil4589d ago

Game was very mediocre. I mean it had a lot of customization but it could have done better.