Neo Geo Games We Want To See On PSN (RunDLC)

Rumor has it that a quartet of Neo-Geo classics are coming to PSN, but why should Sony and SNK stop there? RunDLC has some suggestions of other games that should come to the service.

DaReapa4794d ago

Two words...

Samurai Showdown


Gamescom: Ubisoft renames Project Dust

News just in from Gamescom - Ubisoft has renamed XBLA, PSN and PC title Project Dust to simply 'From Dust'.

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Improved Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 arcade game early 2011

Capcom are unveiling their next Bionic Commando 3D side-scrolling action game dubbed Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 at GamesCon.

Capcom have promised several improvements including a makeover on the 'bionic arm.'

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ShiNe-Box-4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

This is GREAT news, overall.

This, along with Pixel Junk Monsters, was the best DD title of 08'.

Making over the bionic arm makes me nervous though.

r0gueZA4794d ago

Im hoping the arm is tweaked and not completely re-done


How 'From Dust' Turns Manipulating Nature Into A Game - Joystiq Preview

Joystiq: "It's hard to judge just how well this gameplay works without a chance to try it out ourselves, but the concepts on display in this short hands-off demo have us pretty excited to play god when the game hits Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and Steam early next year."

SeanRL4794d ago

Looks really good! and it's a psn title?

mantisimo4794d ago

of Doshin the giant on the Game cube in fact it reminds me a lot of that game.

might be interesting will have to wait and see.