Answered: Did Microsoft Kill Cross-Platform Xbox 360 and Windows Play?

PC World interviews Kevin Unangst, Microsoft Senior Director of PC and Mobile Gaming to get his answers to the allegations that Microsoft killed cross-platform play.

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alien6263010d ago

dont they always kill everything with there close $50 worth of crap called LIVE?

Pootangpie3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

not to mention the empty promises of home and PSN+ see I can play fanboy too

GreenRingOfLife3010d ago

Exclusive to Microsoft Windows PC and Microsoft Xbox 360

KingKiff3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Jesus mutha efin H Christ guys...

What a pathetic mob you all are.

I miss the "open zone" where you along belonged...

lol the only disagrees I'm going to get here are from you 3 loosers or your multiple accounts... We all know it.

EDIT: @ Conloles

I feel it would be the same, Even simple games like COD would become dominated by PC players. Not to mention the RTS games, limited as they are on the consoles would be unwinable on a console vs PC match.

Conloles3010d ago

Cross platform whilst being good in theory will never work between PC's and Xbox because PC will just dominate all Xbox players.

TLG19913010d ago

yea theres a reason sony takes for ever with games so they dont all look like clones and never develop ( halo, gears of war, fable) nothing new nothing special

zeeshan3009d ago

If SONY rushed out games then we'd be playing forza 3 kinda racing sims and for PS3 owners, that ain't gona cut it! They won't settle for less.

edhe3009d ago

If sony rushed out some games you'd actually be playing something.

eh? eh?


But seriously - why didn't they just put out GT5 and add on packs from the start using DLC?

Anyway on topic - who cares?

Duke Spookem3009d ago

Yeah, like Portal 2.

Oh, wait...

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kasasensei3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

They tried to kill online pc gaming by ripping off gamers, but they failed. And that is a good thing. :D

wtf are you talking about gt5? that game is gonna kick everyone's ass, what are you trying to say? Looks like you feel hurt when someone reminds you that live gold subscription is a ripoff, interesting.

Pootangpie3010d ago

that I get service with adequate download time a bigger selection of XBLA titles indie games more people online oh and still being better even though the fact sony release PSN+ for the PS3 oh but I guess that stuff doesn't matter since you know PSN is free right?

Substance1013010d ago


Steam has the largest collection of online games along with indie titles. Unlike XBLA or PSN steam actually gets all the games on release date and yea its free and has a huge community.

What makes Steam better then any of the services is its open platform and will continue to grow over time. While there will be new consoles out in the next few years and the entire community will reset on XBLA and PSN, Steam will carry on growing with no restarts.

ImmortalLegend3009d ago

And I recalled whipping PC players asses left and right with my controller. I was the only person I knew that had the "Mines is the superior platform" achievement. So I guess that means I'm really skilled since I'm beating the superior Mice/Keyboard players huh? @Conloles

Theonik3009d ago

No, it just means that the superior PC players don't play shaddowrun. Infact the fact you were the only one you know that had it shows that PC/mouse is indeed superior.

ImmortalLegend3009d ago

No, that just means I'm superior lol. Also, how can you make an assumption saying that hardcore PC gamers didn't play Shadowrun? How in the hell do you know that? That's just flat out pulling a opinion out of your ass...

Theonik3009d ago

Because the game sold less than 500k. You don't even hear about it existing in big PC communities.

ImmortalLegend3009d ago

Yeah, but when it first came out quite a few people played it, so that's no excuse.

edhe3009d ago


Since when did sales equate to PC users? surely you should treble or quadruple actual sales to get near the piracy levels eh?

Elven63009d ago

Shadowrun for PC has actually been charting pretty well on the Games for Windows Live marketplace since it was released on the marketplace.

There are a lot of PC players on Shadowrun, not as many console players anymore. The community itself is small but still dedicated.

Shame Microsoft dropped all support for the game almost immediately.

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dannybohy3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Hmmm, Im pretty sure I could destroy any console/gamepad gamer! unless you make it so I have to control my mouse with my forehead!
not that I wouldnt rather like a Mouse /Keyboard style controller for my xbox360!

Nihilism3010d ago

Who cares if they did, hands up console gamers that would love to get killed 20 times in a row in every shooter with a gamepad vs. a 5600dpi mouse.....

KingKiff3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Instant dpi adjustability on most good models I might add...

Very handy.

Who is the guy in your avatar dchalfront?


Chill out dude, I've seen plenty of PS3 hate here to. It seems just lately the PS3 has had good offerings so it has been hard for people to effectivly troll. Just my opinion. From what I see MS offering latley I am not suprised it's all hate here at the moment. THAT IS BLOGS. They are mostly filth lol.


Dark_Overlord3010d ago

Bill Hicks, if i'm not mistaken :)

KiLLUMiNATi_893010d ago

I am koo bro it's annoying as Fukkk after time n time n time same ABOUT MS hate. Im started to believe that them that hate MS actually love them . Like I don't love them either I know where they stand as a company and yes they have there issues. All companies do tho cause. BUT MONEY TALKS FOR ALL THAT'S A FACTTTTT. LIKE tomorrow is going to be something new watchh mark my word. Prolly about how bad window 7 phone is

Nihilism3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

His words live on on in the hearts and minds of those that heard his can never be said that he wasn't a thinker or an individual, something there is far too little of in this world.

"yeah curiosity killed the cat, and he's buried along side all the great minds we never had"

some random and relevant lyrics from a band no one on this site has ever heard of.

Bill Hicks: Another dead hero.


I don't know which little shit disagreed with you, but it wasn't me, bubbles + agree + respect for recognizing him.

evrfighter3010d ago

Guarantee you'd see servers titled "24-7 Mapname XB360=banned"

Even using the xim360 with the slight delay console users can not compare. Just imagine if I had all my precision. It just wouldn't be fun.

multipayer3010d ago

They JUST released BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on pc which has cross platform play, that should tell you something... Go buy it! Maybe your content playing counterstrike all day, but I want more games being made for PC that don't suck. :P

KiLLUMiNATi_893010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Damn like the media loves MS I see like holy shit it Neva stops wit all theses articles. Do all these people have a life just besides trashing everything MS DOES OR DO is wrong. It doesn't make sense at alll man like damn wtff n4g. Like I guess Sony apple nintendo And all other companies are perfect like damn. Every of them has there issues, last time I checked they ain't perfect either.

All your hear in n4g is xbox sucks kinect is going to fail so is windows 7 phone . Halo blows and gow blows. They have no games. Xbox live is too much money. Like god damn WTF everyday is same MS hate articles and no I'm not a guy getting pay by MS like the rest of these idiots say. I OWN A PS3 Onlyy and talk the truth only.

Let those people who either want to support them or buy xbox's or kinect's be. Just let them game and do whatever they want, it's there money so stfu. Like SONY fanbase are the worst of all and go ahead and disagree with me cause I don't care I JUST TALK THE TRUTH N IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT THEN YOU HAVE ISSUES

Apollyn3010d ago

Would love too own some console rts gamers that think they are Pro.

kasasensei3010d ago

You suck at rts. Not the same thing.

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