New Portal 2 Factory Gameplay

New Gameplay of Portal 2 shown off at this years Gamescom.

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Baltis3035d ago

Never played the first Portal but everyone loved it and when Gabe came out at E3 and showed this off everyone was floored. I still don't understand the whole concept or what the game is going for, maybe I'll have to play it today or tomorrow or sometime soon, but are these games aesthetically suppose to be graphic marvels? I didn't think the 1st Portal looked all that amazing. Looked sterile and clinical.

AtatakaiSamurai3035d ago

yeah, it was supposed to feel that way. you were pretty much a lab rat in the first one. Valve has been stretching their engine for long now so everyone knows not to expect Killzone type graphics but what they do with such an aging engine is still impressive enough though.

Sony's PS3 news has ramped up huge for Christmas but I've not seen anything from ms yet. even natal vids aren't out as much or new games they haven't seen or anything.

It sure seems heavily one sided at this point.

B-Real2063035d ago

Not all games need to look amazing to be good. This is one of them. I first played portal just a couple of months ago. It's just a different type of game. Fun and trippy give it a try the game is not long so you should beat it in about a day

ambientFLIER3035d ago

Portal was never supposed to be aesthetically beautiful, and it was absolutely supposed to look sterile and clinical. Do yourself a favor and play the first one.

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TLG19913035d ago

WOW looks like they have gone to town on this. its always safe to trust valve will perform

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