Gamescom 2010: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 'Iron Man Still Cheap'

NowGamer has been playing Marvel Vs Capcom 3 at Gamescom in Cologne today, here is a round up of all the new facts regarding the battle system and playable characters.

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nickjkl3035d ago

iron man not being cheap just wouldn't feel right

noxeven3035d ago

I can't really take this as fact since a. the game isn't done and b. just cause someone say iron man is cheap doesn't mean anything to what we all know the pro players are gonna do once they get there hands on the game. Again its still be worked on and tweaked who knows what they are gonna do next. Moving on I still cant wait for it to be released

Tres213035d ago

since i threw a disagree on there had 2 say 4 the most part it looks lik he has the same moves so i dont doubt much he's gonna handle about the same & ur gonna find ppl who use him in a cheap way
but i do agree i cant wait 4 the game

dericb113035d ago

The game is unfinished and missing a lot of people in the roster. It needs more balancing which they said they are doing. I think some people would buy a car doing the building process and then complain its missing tires. 7 months till release let them work and be happy you had a chance to demo it unlike most of us who will get the PSN/XBLA demo with like 6 people.

fastrez3035d ago

That said, Iron Man was overpowered in the previous game, I can see why people might get concerned by this. Still, plenty of time for rebalancing :)

UP3035d ago

PROTON CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fastrez3035d ago





UP3035d ago


waterboy3035d ago

sometimes the cheapest especially if you knew how to fly with him