GamersByNature: My Guess to Why the PS4 Will Win the Next Console War

Branchedout at GamersByNature writes: "Exclusives may be a large indicator of next generation’s winner. Price and release date just might fall behind in importance. This might be where the PS4 will shine. Might be."

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Muletroid3696d ago

at this point its really stupid to predict who will win the next console war personally i think its stupid even calling it a console war
but anyways
we don't know a thing about what's coming our way in the future so making a prediction about it is rather silly

heck for all we know a new competitor can enter the ring and take the imaginary non existent crown

Cevapi883695d ago

thing positive Sony will incorporate the Move or some enhancement of the tech and have it bundled with the PS4 and the next gen standard controller...thats just me

aceofspades3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )


so far the winner in sales is wii

winner in games ps3

winner in advertisement microsoft

winner in spokesperson ps3

winner in most played(exclusive) fps microsoft

DERKADER3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

My Guess to Why a console that's not out Will Win against other consoles that aren't out. I biased my research on all the extensive knowledge I have on time travel. So having been to the future and back I can assure you Sony will win.

8-bit3695d ago

How and why did this article get approved..

vsr3695d ago

I agreed with this article. Because Sony wont release PS4 till their money recovery from PS3.(atleast untill 2016-2017).PS4 will be 10 year lifetime. xbox720p & wii 2 will end on same time when Ps3 ends(5years life). So PS4 will win next-next gen.

btk3696d ago

I think the obvious specs will be:
- Nextgen BR device - 500GB standard
- 500GB HD
- New version of Cell (backwards compatible)
- Next gen NVidia graphics

Not too much into detail on the specs - point is that it will be simply update of the current formula for the PS3 - which will mean from the start the component cost will not be as high as the initial cost for the PS3 and fully BC with PS3.

With so many 1st and 2nd party studios, we can expect that Sony might already have at least two studios committed already to developing toolchains, engines for the PS4.

nickjkl3695d ago

lol no 500 gb blu ray disc are still extremely expensive

you cant even find a 500gb blu ray disc

250gb blu ray disc

backwards compatable cell wont happen unless your implying it should be backwards compatible with games which is not the same thing

ThanatosDMC3695d ago

500gb is too much but maybe the standard will be 100gb disks.

Cold 20003695d ago

"My Guess to Why the PS4 Will Win the Next Console War"

LOL, already trying to predict a winner for next gen ? I guess some people never learn :)

SOAD3695d ago

Between MS and Sony, I'm willing to bet that Sony will still come out on top next gen. If MS wants to prove me wrong, they can start buying studios and making concessions to gamers.

ATLGAMER3695d ago

would but a launch MS system agian

Applegate3695d ago

XBOX = rock solid.

360 = faulty.

360s = solid

Nothing to fret about.

ThanatosDMC3695d ago

XBOX was a tank. You can even stand on it. I kid you not.

playstation_clan3695d ago

i would never ever ever ever ever ever buy a launch day xbox again, im sorry, i went through 5 xbox 360s since launch and its completely bs, now that ps3 is getting mass effect 2, im not even bothering fixing it. MS wants money this time, FU microsoft

-end rant

SOAD3695d ago

Five? What kind of an idiot goes through five Xbox 360s? I mean, 2 or 3 makes sense. But 5? That's borderline retarded.

Redlogic3695d ago

One of my friends had to return his xbox 4 times because they kept red ringing. This was earlier in the 360's life span but it easily could happen to clan (tho its obvious he's a bit of a fanboy so I say this with a bit of reservation). If MS fixes it for free then why not keep sending them in?

SOAD3695d ago

If you send your console in for repairs 5 times, then it's still considered one console. You can't say you went through 5 consoles.

Going through 5 consoles is like being electrocuted by an electric fence and then touching it another 4 times.

The common rodent wouldn't make that mistake twice.

PS Clan made that mistake several times more.

milohighclub3695d ago

wtf you on, how is it anything like that, his console messing up is not his fault its f*in m$' fault for selling faulty consoles (purposely) that pack in after the warranty runs out.


why should ppl send them in its inconvenient sending that shit to germany, i know someone who had to wait 2 month for it back, probably because m$ were that busy fixing the millions of consoles that have f*ed up!!! and they dont always fix for free depends when they break!!!!

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Alos883695d ago

Given I know next to nothing about the next console generation currently I'd toss a coin, but I'd neeed to invent a three sided coin for that to work.

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