Valve: We have PS3 expertise

Valve is excited to be finally working on PlayStation 3 with Portal 2 - and, despite a patchy history with Sony's system, has told CVG it has a host of devs familiar with the console in its ranks.

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xYLeinen3035d ago

Oh really. Where did the expertise come from if I may ask? :p

George Sears3035d ago

Prolly stuck on Gabe Newells rolls.

deadreckoning6663035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I know ur joking, but you should show some respect. Gabe Newell's the man behind Half Life 1/ know the one of the best games ever created.

@njr- Yeah, more proof that N4G is dominated by 12 year olds and immature 20 somethings that have no appreciation for this industry. If you have to constantly make fun of someones weight to discredit them, then you must have PLENTY of your own demons to work out...what better place than a site where everyones anoynomous right?

I bet my house that none of you would make a fat joke to Gabe Newell's face. George you make games? Have I heard of any? How many copies have they sold? Have they gotten any awards or honorable recognition from the media?

njr3035d ago

Another fat joke, there goes episode 3...

George Sears3035d ago

What does my comment have to do with Gabes success? I think you are trying to go a bit to poetic here. If you take life to seriously it's just going to grab you by the balls, hard.

Domer253035d ago

"half life 1/2 are poo" ????? You sir(probably a kid; poo??) are mistaken and i'm gonna disagree with you.

Biggest3035d ago

What the hell happened here? Gabe Newell is fat. He is extremely overweight. That isn't respectable. Yes, he has been involved in the creation of a few great games and an awesome PC service. That means you should respect his creativity. But he is still fat. You think it's immature to comment about a person's weight? I think it's irresponsible to allow yourself to gain that much weight. It doesn't matter how many games you've made or how many copies you've sold. Being fat is being fat. If you don't like people calling you fat, or Gabe Newell fat in this case, stop being fat. It's going to kill you in a not so peaceful way.

On topic: I hope they do a good job with the game. I doubt I'll be buying it on PS3 though. Certain games are probably best played on PC and this will be one of those games.

ExplosionSauce3035d ago

They have some people with PS3 knowledge in their dev team.
Or maybe they've been practicing for a little while before announcing anything.

DarkSpawnClone3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

well said deadreckoning666 well said.
"N4G is dominated by 12 year olds and immature 20 somethings that have no appreciation for this industry" you are 110% correct,there a bunch of 12 year old babies who don't know nothing and the ps3/360 is there first console.stupid whinny little brats who have no respect for any one cause its the "internet" grow up or GTFO!

@Biggest you are some peace of work by your logic any one who is fat deserves to be picked on ? wtf kind of bull shit is that...maybe fat people should pick you you for being a tooth pick living in your moms basement with no life..

"If you don't like people calling you fat, or Gabe Newell fat in this case, stop being fat"
How the fuck dose some one just "stop being fat" you idiot,it doesn't happen over night but judging by your user name,your probably the Biggest one on this site,crying cause you cant get away from your damn computer to "stop being fat".get a life idiot.Every one deserves respect,but not idiots like you.

Shepherd 2143035d ago

Im willing to bet you dont have a six pack yourself.

Being overweight is a serious psychological issue for many people, otherwise they would get right up with tons of willpower and lose it all in no time. Youre an ignorant kid i bet, and know nothing about the subject, and it shows.

Being overweight has nothing to do with creativity and intelligence, and does not hamper the ability to make a great game.

morganfell3035d ago

I would say the expertise came from Sony. Doubtless they have hired new people but with the Sony deal I would say there is a very good chance they have received an unusual amount help from SCEA.

1Victor3034d ago

I'll take that bet tell me when I can see him in person here in NYC . BTW does your mom knows you're betting the house? . Valve is a good developers team and for their sake I hope they're ready to work on the PS3 an show us gamers something of higher quality than what we seen so far graphics wise on the 360, gameplay wise they've nothing to worry about.

Lykon3034d ago

I really like gabe, have gone from hating him and making fat jokes to really being quite fond of him, ok so i'm a bit fickle....also i played the ps3 version of half life 2 and loved it.

frostypants3034d ago


But really, they can talk about it all they want. All that matters is: can they prove it with the product?

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comp_ali3035d ago

read the article, the have some of dev who worked on other ps3 games

tdrules3035d ago

Naughty Dog mostly I believe

Faztkiller3035d ago

Valve picked up a couple of former Naughty Dogs. http://playstationlifestyle...

FACTUAL evidence3035d ago

PS3 expertise. Ok kool, finally. So give us L4D 1-2 on a single blu-ray disc for 45$ and we have a deal.

likedamaster3034d ago

See, this is what I don't understand. If you can afford a PS3, how do you not have a PC or even an Xbox 360? You would have played these games already and not have worried whether they came to ps3 or not. Same applies to Mass Effect series.

thehitman3034d ago

but I dont play any games I can get on a console because just playing on consoles are much much better in my opinion and 360 is a piece of crap that any consumer with some sense knows its not a good investment. Also even with the announcements of me2 coming to ps3 and valve working on the ps3 I wouldnt buy either games since my money has already been put aside for games like socom/kz3/res3/ff13v/twisted metal and w/e other suprises sony has in store for me.

newhumanbreed3034d ago

lol maybe one day you can have L4D1-2 on PS3, but till then, I highly suggest you play them on PC if you have a PC capable or running those games. They don't need a powerful PC to be played, but are better for PC since there is waaaaaaay more content on the internet than on LIVE or PSN.

0mega43034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

will be most likely be ported over
probably will all the stuff that the pc got

just wait till ea gives a little nudge to valve
just as they did with bioware

valve will see it a way to expand there market and in return net much more money

frostypants3034d ago

Answer: because a PS3, a 360, AND a gaming PC costs more than just a PS3. Your reasoning makes no sense. That's like saying "you own a Honda Accord, so why can't you also afford a Mustang?". It's called "money".

I have all 3 but I can easily see why a person might only opt for one.

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TradingWarStories3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

When was it socially unaccaptable to be as fat as Gabe? Dont forget the Skinny dudes too. Clearly he doesnt give a f about his weight so I don't see why the hell you guy's have to say sh*t.

Ohh yeah I don't like half life It bores me.

seann3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

i wonder if he is going to lose the weight because the ps3 does everything right, even weight loss???

Kurt Russell3034d ago

I think fat people are a disgusting strain on the health system personally. It is irresponsible and should be taxed to care so little about your own health... Where I'm from tax payers have to pay for that triple heart bi-pass, so fuck him.

Consoldtobots3035d ago

in a world plagued by overpopulation,starvation and OVERCONSUMPTION I think it is completely irresponsible to think it is your right to be severely obese. We all have to take responsibility for this planet and the ones stuffing their face 24 hrs a day because they have "issues" need to get over it and get with the program.

dizzleK3035d ago

I actually agree. Only in America do you see grossly obese people and "eating disorders".

If I can quit smoking after 16 years, a habit that's said to be harder to quit than heroin, then somebody can put a g-damn cheeseburger down. Why don't obese people ever gorge themselves on fruit, why is it always donuts, doritos and greazy slimy pizza?

Nihilism3034d ago

*sad admission pending*

Australia is now officially the fattest country on the planet. It correlates to our higher standard of living. Gabe earns a lot of money, he can afford to eat well. He has lots a lot of weight recently, like was said above it is a psychological problem one often created by stress, I imagine running THE largest independent developer a digital distribution service in the world would create a $#!+ load of stress...who are we to judge a persons coping mechanism in a position we could not possibly empathize with.

frostypants3034d ago

If Gabe worked out, he could keep "over consuming" and he'd be ripped. Would you still have a problem with it, then?

Besides, it's not food that anyone else would consume. Our nation disposes of mass quantities of uneaten food.

But yes, the man needs to go on a diet...for his own good.

StylizedPlayer3034d ago

Gabe Fat jokes in this comment thread: 15
Years left until Half-Life 3: 347
Years added: 1.25

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Shazz3035d ago

good you guys have got people who know there way around a ps3 now , bring on l4d1 and 2 on 1 blu ray disc . thanks

scott1823035d ago

They really are singing a different tune lately.

mrcash3035d ago

The potential to make more money really helps open up your mind.

Ozzyb3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

"The potential to make more money really helps open up your mind."

Says Mr. Cash lol

Dr. Money has a similar opinion, or so I've heard.

Nihilism3034d ago

Valve makes more than 500 million dollars a year. As a digital distributor and independent developer they have minimal upkeep costs...they make more money than ANY other developer and more than any other publisher save activision and are deluded if you think they are in need of money. They also make more money on each PC version of a game sold on steam than they would on 5 copies of a console game at retail...and that is even with the cheaper PC game.

But by all means, continue to dance in your tutu, who am I to say you look like a fag...

UnwanteDreamz3034d ago

What is your point? You think once you make 500 mil a year there is no need to make more?

Lets see $500,000,000.00 or 700,000,000.00? Seriously I feel dumber for having read your comment.

saint_john_paul_ii3035d ago

Kaz Fed Gabe with some burgers...

GiggMan3035d ago

Everyone talks about the PS3's 2011 line up, but fail to mention the "best version of Portal 2 on consoles" per Gabe Newell.

Clipper133035d ago

There's just so much greatness happening with the PS3 these days man. It's getting tough to remember it all.

ChozenWoan3035d ago

we are still in shock that it's finally coming.