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Videogamer: "Undoubtedly the most frequently asked question that will surround GT5's launch will be: has it been worth the wait. After seeing the staggering amount of content the game has to offer, it's looking likely that the answer will be yes."

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Dee_912986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

as if GTHD GTPsp AND GT5P dont exist ...
i mean gthd was kinda a demo but gt5p will take just about as long as a full game to beat ( took me more than 2 months to win all races and took even longer to get all the good cars)
so its not like a full racing game but its like a full fps in terms of length lol

On Topic
"B-Spec mode lets you choose a driver and 'nurture' them through a career. In any given race, the player can dish out commands to their driver, and he'll react accordingly. Yamauchi explained there were five commands available; slow down, maintain speed, overtake, pit and don't pit."
wasnt that in gt4 ?
guess they just added more to it :D

and bspec mode come to use during those long ass races

TheBlackSmoke2986d ago

In b4, "buh buh teh forza 3 haz teh damagez"

Mista T2986d ago

can't wait to buy this, my next ps3 game.

yogaflame2986d ago

still sucks that 800+ cars will just be tinted glasses

ScoobyDrew2986d ago

they'll look better than any of forza's cars...

flipposguitar2986d ago

man... how does everyone not know this yet? it has been anounced.

Ilikegames762986d ago

that only owns 360 don't know this.

SpitFireAce852986d ago

Its Gran Turismo 5 so the question should not be is it
worth the wait... but for all the doubters here is a few
reasons that this will be the ultimate GT game.

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