New Medal of Honor screens shows the intensity of war

Gamersmint : EA released 14 new screenshots for their reboot of the World War 2 shooter, Medal of Honor. Set in the Afghan war, the screenshots show the devasted desert land, that is Afghanistan and the soldiers posted there, answering their call of duty, along with terrorists who won’t stop at anything to accomplish their hatred filled goals.

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Christopher3106d ago

Very good looking screenshots, but definitely from the PC version of the game.

prongs1233107d ago

i would love to see medal of honor getting this right. Although, with stigma of "Modern Warfare"...chances are low..but still...original medal of Honor revolutized World War 2 shooter!

cyborg3107d ago

this game seems to have a pretty serious theme and actually a solid "soldier caught in midst of war" storyline. I am more interested with the sp campaign then online play. If it's long enough, I am sold.