Massive StarCraft II Diamond Ultimate Guide Rushes iTunes

Combines all three SC2 apps into a single ultimate edition. Over 50,000 words of detailed information, tactics and strategies for iPhone and iTouch, including universal iPad support.

* Tons of Openings and Build Orders for each race!
* A Thorough Examination of, Leagues & Divisions
* A Comprehensive Guide for the StarCraft 2 Interface
* Newly added SC2 Diamond Guide for elite multiplayer help
* Effective Build Orders for Terran, Protoss & Zerg
* Massive Profile of Common Rookie Mistakes
* Shift-Queues
* Mastering Unit Select & Group Formations
* Effective Control Groups
* The Art of Patrols
* Mastery of Real-Time Hotkeys
* Controlling Combat Units
* Managing a Successful Base
* Understanding the Base Layout
* When and How to Expand Your Empire
* Tons of Advice on Going Offensive, When & Why
* When to Rush, the Dangers of Rushing
* Conquering Enemy Defenses
* Effective Unit Countering
* Forming Solid Unit Groups
* Setting Up and Launching Raids
...Plus tons more!

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