Castlevania: Lords of Shadow officially dated in Europe

VGArabia: Dave Cox, the producer of the upcoming action adventure game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has officially announced the European release date of the game during Konami’s Gamescom 2010 press conference.

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immortal843105d ago

if this game is 20 plus hours experience like Dave is saying, I think it will be contender for game of the year 2010.

alaa3105d ago

I hope this game to get great review scores and to sell well.

kevnb3105d ago

those things dont matter to me. I just want a good 3d castlevania game.

N4BmpS3105d ago

Oh wow is this game still coming out this year? Cool, oh crap. So taking an educated guess US will get on the 6th of Oct? Maybe before. IDK.

xYLeinen3105d ago

I got a feeling the story will be excellent in lords of shadow. I feel epicness surrounding the entire game. Can't wait for this title.

kevnb3105d ago

that soon, Im hoping for a pc version... but if I have too ill bite the bullet and get it for console. Just looks awesome.

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