IGN: Gamescom: Kung-Fu Live Preview

Earlier this year, Nintendo released Photo Dojo on DSi. The $2 game lets you take a few photos of yourself, record a couple sound effects, and insert your body and voice into a rudimentary little side-scrolling brawler. It was a great laugh, but pretty limited. This fall, Kung-Fu Live will take this idea to the next level on PlayStation Network. Using the PlayStation Eye you can drop yourself into the fighting game and have full control of your badass self. You appear onscreen and can punch, kick, and karate chop your way through waves of enemies and giant bosses. We played it on the show floor here at Gamescom today, broke a sweat, and came away impressed. This is a hands-free Kinect-style game for the PS3.

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Cloudberry3109d ago

The game's exactly I hope for.

Amusing, silly, & fun.

cliffbo3109d ago

there's going to be major tears if this releases before Kinect

Godmars2903109d ago

Thought there'd be more noise abut it just being a PSeye, not Move, title.

Games like this should have been out years ago before Natal was even a concept.

ChozenWoan3109d ago

$15 bucks and this game kicks the entire Kinect lineup right in the teeth.

peeps3109d ago

kinda good that the game doesn't take itself too seriously lol Well i'll obv have a pseye if i get move so may buy this if i'm bored 1 day since it should be a cheap psn title. Wouldn't pay more than £10 tho

Bigpappy3109d ago

UBI softs excelent 3D fight game is garbage. This side stroller crappy game is exactly what they hoped for.

If I had written this in another tread, they would accuse me of making it up. VERY FUNNY! Sony should really send you guys some of the money they give to Butler. You are much funnier in my opinion.