Bioshock Infinite: Rescue the Lady and throw Pans on your Enemies

The first In-game Impressions of Bioshock Infinite appear to be pretty awesome. We get to see pretty Elizabeth who is hijacked - and we try to rescue her from a giant eagle by using some special moves, a sniper - and pans.

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R2D23108d ago

will have some stiff compo.

OSU_Gamer3108d ago

Come on...its 2 years away. This isn't helping.

BubbleSystemSuck3108d ago

I like Bioshock 1... but the 2 dont "wow" me...

OFFTOPIC: what happen with the bubles? all user have 5 again?

BubbleSystemSuck3108d ago

i hope not. Lol

Only Trolls have 1 bubble... every body has 5

PCnPS3Gamer3107d ago

does this mean were going to have to retake coonsoldtobots, dead reackoning, cell, commodor64, and so fourths bubbles :(

Cause honestly do they really deserve to speak at all, its gotten to the point where the well known trolls arent even being 1% rational....

OT : this game looks cool, nice change from rapture, just was really surprised at the release date 2012 pretty far away to hype us up lol were still hella hyped for 2011 haha. beginning of 2011 is going to be intense.....

pr0digyZA3107d ago

They reset it for new bubble system.

DeeZee3108d ago

She kind of looks like a little sister...

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