Io Style: 'We Just Want To Entertain People'

Denmark's Io Interactive is one of the Eidos studios that came into the Square Enix family last year when that company purchased the flagging UK publisher. Famous for the Hitman and Kane & Lynch series, Io has long stood out for its dry humor and provocative game content.

Here, the studio's general manager, Nils Jørgensen, recently sat down with Gamasutra to discuss the developer's practices. While the Scandinavian countries have small development scenes, each has at least one strong, major studio -- and Io is Denmark's biggest.

With years of development on its engine and multiple successful games behind it, Io has a lot to offer -- and so, in this interview, Gamasutra takes a peek into its creative processes, trying to find out what makes an Io game an Io game.

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yess3108d ago

Good interview.
I used to be a tester for IO.
Cool studio with good games

Oh!? And please bring Freedom Fighters back