Interview: Details On Xbox Live For Windows Phone 7

Following on from today's Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7 announcement, Gamasutra speaks to Microsoft exec Kevin Unangst about the company's plans for the platform, and what developers need to know.

In a meeting in San Francisco, Kevin Unangst, Microsoft's senior director of PC and mobile gaming, and Brian Seitz, senior marketing manager for Windows Phone 7 demoed the device for Gamasutra and answered questions about launch and beyond.

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sak5003106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Where teh fuk r new IPs and games for 360 not only Haloreach, gears3 or Fable 3? Stop b$hitting around MS and focus on 360 owners who have been there since launch in 2005. You have alienated us core gamers enough. If you stop wasting time on pos like kinect and windows7 mobile and had some studios under your control you would have made more money.

I dont use much on pc let alone buy a stupid pda to access xboxlive.