Bungie: "We're Excited By 3D"

NowGamer: Halo: Reach will not be in 3D, however.

Halo developer Bungie is that latest developer to get behind 3D technology, with Brian Jarrard Community Manager telling us that, “We are excited by 3D.”

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Wizziokid3109d ago

no doubt there next title will be in 3D

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Feckles3109d ago


By saying 'slick 3D' I'm talking the kind that uses active shutter glasses, as opposed to the polarised cinema-style glasses. I've tried both and the Sony/Samsung/Panasonic (etc) alternate frames version is superior in every way to the Avatar game 3D.

Still, it's not perfect.

bobcostus3109d ago

Aren't games already 3-dimensional?

Yo dawg we heard you like 3d so we put some 3d in your 3d so you can play in 3d while you play in 3d

skrug3109d ago

i like to call "3D" 3.5D

lonix3109d ago

They hate 3d, and they hate bluray

jneul3109d ago

lol well 3D support won;t be existent on the 360 version because it can't do stereoscopic 3d, this means their next title will be built on the ps3 first and then ported.

The Meerkat3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Who says their next tile will arrive before the next gen starts?

I'd imagine their next title will be built on new (720) xbox hardware and downgraded for a PS3 port.

In 3 years time an iPhone will have the same power as a 360 and PS3, the next gen has to start before that.

BeaArthur3109d ago

Not excited to wear those glasses.

matey3109d ago

it will be 3DS and wii/ps3 i think lets see if im right

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