‘Heads-Up’ Game Store Update (18th August 2010)

Ross McGrath writes:

"Good Afternoon everyone, I hope you’re all well and full of the joys of Summer. Mike has jetted off to Cologne with the Gamescom crew to round up a new herd of PSN games for the coming months, which leaves it to me to bring you the latest goodies.

A quiet week this week since everyone who’s anyone is at the big GC, but we’ve got a few nice bits and pieces for you to tide you over into September. We have brand new demos of EA’s NHL 11 and Ubisoft’s H.A.W.X.2 for the PS3 crowd, along with a host of new add-ons for some great games."

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richierich3104d ago

No 3D content on European PSN :(

washingmachine3104d ago

omfg,still no phantasy star portable,although its on the essentials umd

Corrwin3104d ago

I just know, if I buy something, it'll be on sale a week later!

But since I'm waiting for things to be on sale, only the stuff I already have, or never intend on purchasing get a price drop!

Shazz3104d ago

scee really need new people in charge of getting content for european customers as the ones doing jobs right now just dontcut it