Next week seems to be promising for PSN+

Next weeks seems like a good week for PSN+ as some promising titles are set to drop

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cliffbo3105d ago

looking good (best i can do) lol

nikkisixx23105d ago

I don't care what others think.. I bought PSN+ and I believe it was worth every cent.

0mega43105d ago

really expect that beta access to be kicking with all the great exclusive coming out soon

& hell some random free stuff along the way isn't that bad

id rather pay 50 for what i get from psn
than 50 to live for the privilege to play online
where microsoft isn't even able to secure any exclusive
since there too busy with gesture controllers for the multimedia functions

RumbleFish3105d ago

in order to get access to a beta! Whats wrong with the people? Aren't you aware that they are supposed to give us anything they can for free just to make us buy their crap?
We are gamers, not buyers! You make yourself a fool if you spend money to play a beta thats supposed to make the game better and to be a service for the devellopers!

theEx1Le3104d ago

Sony has loads and i mean loads of beta testers, what makes you think they will just give people in plus betas before them? don't forget other paid services offered betas as part of their campaign to get subscribers and also failed to deliver.

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HSx93105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

OH GREAT! More games that I will play for 5 minutes before they get deleted!


Robert Patrick3105d ago

PS+ is for people who don't actually want to own their games lol, some people really are stoopid!

mxrider23105d ago

You can't get betas if they arent out...

East_Coast3105d ago

It was more than worth it....the free content alone.

maxcer3105d ago

lol, the free content you pay for?

East_Coast3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

lol yes all the free content that I've download that's already exceeded the dollar amount I paid for PS+ and it's only been two months. I have another 11 to go.

You thought you had me there for a min didn't you. Thanks for playing.

Calvin_ISA3105d ago

Actually, you'll get another 13 months, ala three free months for the first year subbers. :)

Ven10003105d ago

and like you said, you STILL have 13 more months. I hope us US owners get LBP sometime. It would've been nice to have it before LBP2 drops.

PS+ as of right now is a big coupon with some discounted games/expansions and some free. It only makes sense to those who actually buy/get a good deal of PSN content anway.

All I know is that I'm gonna have to get a bigger HD soon (120GB). It's also nice being able to load up my PSP Go with said games.

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N2G3105d ago

PS+ is rip off BUT not for american subscribers. LoL

Baltis3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Not for me. I own both Soldner games and if I wanted MushRoom Wars I'd just drop the 10 bucks on it, instead of paying 50 bucks for Sony to loan it to me for a year.

@ Poseidon below

& page 3, near the bottom

Really sounds like it, huh? You people are so blind around here you don't even know which was is up or down. In the future, do some research before you pop your knuckles to type. It might save you from not knowing what you're talking about.

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Christopher3105d ago

Eh, for some it's a good thing. I paid $50 for 13 months, already saved more than $80 on free games. In the next two months, it will be past the $100 mark easy, making it kind of a no-brainer to resub for the second year.

It does all depend on if you don't already own a lot of the games, or even care about them. If you don't care about a wide variety of games, PS+ isn't for you at this time.

The discounts are pretty sweet as well and I've saved even more on those. Though, the first month was the best for discounts. Not as good now as it was then.

tplarkin73105d ago

It's bad enough that PSN+ content is reported, but we have to listen to PSN+ rumors, too?

DA_SHREDDER3105d ago

"Next week seems to be promising for PSN+"

Denial is an ugly thing.

cjflora3105d ago

How do you manage with it? I'm sure many others would like to hear your personal story.

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