Gamescom 2010 Booth Babes – Part 1

The first snaps of the booth babes over in Cologne.

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zootang3107d ago

Top European Totty, best in the world!

evilmonkey5013106d ago

These two are Adult film stars.

ThanatosDMC3106d ago

No thanks to the one on the right. Did you notice everyone got another bubble?

sunnygrg3106d ago

Is it just me or are only a few of those girls pretty? Shame, cause Comic-Con in San Diego was a fireball.

digger183106d ago

I was thinking the same.

And talk about way too skinny!! yuck!!

xtremexx3106d ago

Thank you so much Gamerzines, at every gaming event there has to be an article dedicated to booth babes

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