THQ reveals DLC for Red Faction: Battlegrounds, PC version being discussed

THQ has told Strategy Informer that Red Faction: Battlegrounds will have two DLC releases when it launches sometime in 2011.

The first will be called Armageddon and comes with extra vehicles, while Origins is said to tie-in with the Syfy TV show that is currently in production.

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ATi_Elite3108d ago

@ chak yeh I feel your pain as Red Faction hasn't been any good since the original on the PS2.

Red Faction: Armageddon looks half way decent so far.

Don't no what Battlegrounds is (maybe multi player format)

ATiElite3108d ago

Can't believe back in the day Red Faction was the PS2 answer to Halo.

Now the series is a joke. Maybe Armageddon will bring the series back to it's roots.

Charmers3108d ago

Ohhhhhhhhhh isn't that nice of them ? They are "discussing a PC version" I never even finished the last Red Faction it was so mind numbingly dull and badly ported. I wonder if they will "discuss" doing a proper port ?

HarryMonogenis3108d ago

Announcing DLC before the game's even out.

I would add a "facepalm" image, but I won't waste my time >_>

DeeBee3108d ago

Yeah, it's getting pathetic, and further illustrates that DLC is simply a way they can screw gamers by taking out content that would otherwise be in the game and selling it.

We (or a lot of us) saw it coming when they said "DLC is a way to extend the life of games", we know it was BS back then. We knew they'd do what they are doing now,but idiots didn't believe us ... now they all bitch and complain about it, right after handing over the cash for the "extra content". No wonder games sales are decreasing.

Lacky3108d ago

i thought the name of the game was Red Faction: Armageddon?

chak_3108d ago

that's again an other one *yawns*

It looks like the last tomb raiders, top view and arenas

Zinc3108d ago

I have mixed feelings about DLC in general, but making the PC an afterthought is a stupid, stupid thing.