N4G is bad for the state of gaming news

Play-mag says: "N4G: newsy nirvana or game-based godawfulness? I don’t actually agree with either of those. I do think it’s not the best source for gaming news, however."

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Natsu X FairyTail3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

lol what's is N4G account? N4G is more of a Sensationalism gaming Website.

darkcharizard3107d ago

N4G delivers great news, imo! It's the comments however, that are extremely biased. The PS3 fan'boy's here make it hard to support another console.

I hate people who support only one console, and trash others.

Yes, I'm talking about YOU!

MajestieBeast3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Dude shut up, call out all fanboys not just the one's who support the ps3.

Michael-Jackson3107d ago

N4G delivers great news? does flame-bait blog articles count? It's also repetitive too.

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Michael-Jackson3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Yeah, They are hiding atm, nothing to brag about with their lackluster lineup. The only time I'm expecting xbox fanboys to come out is when Halo Reach get rave reviews and big sale numbers.

xAlmostPro3107d ago

actually i think your wrong.. i see more 360 trolls on ps3 articles than ps3 ones on 360 articles..

and the 360 fanboys are always so petty and immature(dont get me wrong there are immature ps3 ones too) but usually its ps3 owners stating FACTS, but apparently thats worse than stating false 'disses'

and if anything your just as bad, because you attacked ONLY ps3 fanboys, if you were so much about "more than one console" you would know that all platforms have fanboys, me personally i play pc & ps3.. and i only ever see FACTS being stated against 360 fanboys, but if thats so bad then "guilty"

Immortal Kaim3107d ago

All you fanboys are morons, deal with it.

Red_Orange_Juice3107d ago

I wish ppl with one bubble had their comments hiden by default, it would make comment section a lot better.

GWAVE3107d ago

PS3 fanboys. 360 fanboys. PC fanboys. Let's face it: N4G has been passed between the hands of 360 fanboys and PS3 fanboys back and forth. Apparently now that the PS3 is more popular and is talked about in a more positive light, N4Gers seem to forget the absolute 360-cesspool this site was 1 1/2 to 2 years ago (which was around the time I first joined).

There were "Blu Ray is dead" articles LITERALLY every hour, on the hour. There were "Will PS3 be Sony's final console?" articles LITERALLY every hour, on the hour. On the flip side, articles about the continuing RRoD problem and other negative 360 articles were constantly shouted down and anyone making any negative comments against the 360 were constantly de-bubbled, sent to the "Open Zone" for "trolling", and generally ostracized. And let's not forget all of the comments constantly linking to Metacritic scores. 360 fanboys used to LOVE to gloat using Meta, but not anymore it seems.

steve30x3107d ago

Both Xbox and Playstation fanboys on N4G are as bad as each other. A person dares not to saw something thats biased towards one console or you will get lots of disagrees on N4G. Another thing about N4G is you see people getting disagrees where theres nothing to disagree with or the people who disagree have no clue what they are disagreeing with.

Thrillhouse3107d ago

People should just look at the numbers in the forums. It's painfully obvious that this site has more PS3 users, and with a larger amount of people, of course there will be more fanboys.

-Alpha3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )


Yes, 360 news gets posted here but the problem I think is that PS3 news and double standards are more accepted.

You can joke about the 360 and people will see it as a light hearted joke, but when u do it for the PS3, u are trolling.

When M.E was announced for PS3 the first comment mentioned how UC2 was superior and so many agreed. Yet someone who posts that he'd rather play M.E over UC2 because of personal preference got more disagrees than agrees.

I don't blame the PS3 users-- what I find fault with is how the community can control the whole site. GWAVE said it best, the site just goes into the hands of the fanboys no matter who. Right now it's the PS3 fanbase, before it was the Xbox fanbase.

The problem for me isn't that PS3 fanboys dominate-- there is a good reason for the Pro-PS3 attitude and the criticism of MS lately. The problem comes in how one side, no matter who, can overrun the place. It kills discussions and thinking when a majority who think the same way can chase away people who may have different opinions.

Anyways, N4G is a good central hub, but it is equally a pool of junk by junk sites. There is just an overpopulation of junk websites that, in order to stay relevant, rely on top 10 lists and hit-seeking articles to get noticed. And the community just eats it up.

plenty a tool3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

n4g is not what it should be. because the "gamers" on here are in the minority. it's the fanboys that dominate this site, and the mods/admin refuse to address the situation. they dont want to weild the banhammer, because it will drive people away, lose hits and lose revenue for the site.

it's the community that make n4g what it is...a nasty cesspool of little fanboy cretins! and because of this, there is a legion of nothing blog sites that masquerade as decent sites writing nothing but trash just for hits and to continue this pathetic fanboy war! trashy little nothing sites know that they can get hits from this site, and can get plenty of hits if they write something of a certain flavour...... donc voila, loads and loads of crap

giantbomb, it does try to function like n4g. obviously it doesnt have the rapid quick-fire articles and occasional news pieces that n4g has, but does by a long way have a far better non-fanboy community than n4g.

bottom line, a large majority dont really want news, they just want to come on here and vent their pathetic fanboy tendencies in stupid bias blogs that have been wrote especially for them.

i could continue.... what a joke. this site should just be renamed blogs4fanboys. and the gamers should go somewhere else, like giantbomb, and help them create something the n4g has totally failed to do...

ChickeyCantor3107d ago

"IF there are so many Sony fanboys Why
do i see so many useless articles for Xbox?? "

Because the point of a contributor is to post as many news worthy articles(of course that is debatable) as possible.

Fanboys =/= article. There is a difference( DURRRRRRRRRRRRRR).

And believe it or not, the PS3 fanboys are the majority here.
I mean just look at the Agree-Disagree balance when it comes comments.

morganfell3107d ago Show
jack_burt0n3107d ago

Veterans of this site 2+ years, know the deal this site changes depending on whats happening in gaming.

FACT is that there should be no more EFFFING THE DOOMED articles if all the fanboys of all sides respect that this site will improve.

Seferoth753107d ago

When people get banned for pointing out 360 is in last place I will believe this is a 360 site. Been coming here for almost 3 years now and never have I seen anything but Sony fanboys running rampant being given a free pass by Sony fanboy mods who would ban anyone having anything remotely negative about PS3 regardless of whether it is true.

I remember one time a fanboy posted false sales numbers putting PS3 in first instead of 3rd. I pointed that out in an article and got a 3 day ban for it.

steve30x3107d ago

what would really improve this site is remove the agree / disagree system and star system. Also bring back to open comment area. Also more moderators and more control over the comments is needed. The approve system for News articles needs to be improved also. Any news article shouldnt go to the front page if it has more than 3 disaproves , but the disaproves need to have a good reason for the disaprove.

insomnium3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

You comments is hands down the best and most truthfull comment I've ever read on this entire site ever!

I've been trying to say that for a good while but nobody believes me it seems.

Read all my 4 comments here -->

and look at the replies and amount of disagrees they get. What is it with truth and this site?

Yes I'm calling you out heroprotagonist (the guy literally stalked me in that news)!

@ alpha-male

Were you here 2-3 years ago when the x360fans and THE MEDIA had a good go on Sony and PS3?

AEtherbane3107d ago

Oh the irony in your comment.... you fanboy....

Oner3107d ago

You don't even HAVE to read the comments people leave to get "news"...You could go straight from headline to story link without reading/participating in any douchebaggery (on ANY side). And because of that separation/ability N4G can deliver it's intent.

R2D23107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )


onanie3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

There is no systemic reason that would have allowed PS3 "fanboys" to dominate this place. There is also no evidence that the situation is anything like what the 360 camp perceives.

In fact, the balance of comments in this thread quite obviously disproves the very claim that some try to make.

Perhaps the some of you are just not used to seeing a more balanced representation of both sides.

kunit22c3106d ago

Darkcharizard don't try blaming this on the PS3 fanboys the 360 fanboys post the most illogical ignorant shit I cant even stand it, i'm about to add every one of them to block list, they say things that make no sense at all, I think I will save every comment to a document and show you all the retarded comments later, I can promise you will loose brain cells

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Scotland-The-Brave3107d ago

What a crock of shit. As you can see from the comments above me this site was overun by 360 fanboys 2-3 years ago. PS3 doomed articles were everywhere, all the time. Now the tables have turned because the ps3 has had tremendous momentum and now there are more ps3 fanboys on this site.

Also i got banned for 3 days last week and lost a bubble because i said the mods are not doing their jobs properly.

HeroXIV3107d ago

Is this the first time play-mag has been to N4G because really, when there isn't a huge conference on, the BIG news is always 1000 degrees. Bioshock Infinite was announced on N4G WAAAAAAYYY before it went to IGN or even CVG (who seem to be pretty damn fast).

There ARE niche articles that make it to the front. As a contributor I will only report an article if it's flamebait or if it is badly edited, and I'll admit I love my PS3. But that won't stop me approving every Halo : Reach article out there, because it's a worthwhile read and I won't ruin it for people who like reading it.

Cloudberry3107d ago

"As a contributor I will only report an article if it's flamebait or if it is badly edited, and I'll admit I love my PS3. But that won't stop me approving every Halo : Reach article out there, because it's a worthwhile read and I won't ruin it for people who like reading it."

BUBBLES+ well said.

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ZombieAutopsy3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

The site is good at getting all kinds of information from one site rather than going to many different ones. It's not like it's N4G's fault though that flamebait always gets submitted, it's the no name bloggers (and some better known bloggers) that write the flamebait then it gets approved here nothing more.

RememberThe3573107d ago

N4G would actually have to moderate otherwise. And who does that? lol

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