Gamescom 2010: Black Ops Launch 'Will Outdo MW2'

NowGamer: Call of Duty: Black Ops is well positioned to surpass Modern Warfare 2's record-breaking launch according to Treyarch community manager Josh Olin...

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Wizziokid3107d ago

really? I though people would have realised how overrated and generic COD was after MW2 but I suppose Treyarch make the better COD games.

cmrbe3107d ago

thats not saying much. I know i am in a minority but COD's since 3 just completely sucks for me. Different year same sh1t.

Acquiescence3107d ago

Lots more folk have wised up to Activision's bullshit since MW2.

Baka-akaB3107d ago

i very much doubt it ...
If they wisened up they would give up mw2 entirely instead of buying the dlcs

Acquiescence3107d ago

on any article revolving around MW2 to know that people have given up on it entirely. Not everyone, obviously, it's still a raging success. But the public outlook towards Activision was a lot more positive during MW2's launch date than it is now and that'll affect them.

clintos593107d ago

Had fun with it for a few weeks & tried out fallout 3 & was hooked and never went back to mw2. By the time god of war 3 came out I took my mw2 copy & traded it in & bought god of war 3 & final fantasy 13. I hope this one is better but ill wait to see ppl on the forums who actually played it first & ask them or is it worth buying before I think of buying it.

Dave13513107d ago

FALLOUT 3 SUCKS!....well maybe i just suck at it