Gran Turismo 5. GC: Karting Gameplay

New footage of Gran Turismo 5 shows Karting footage for the first time.

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FangBlade3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )


Army_of_Darkness3957d ago

I hope they add power-ups or something, otherwise its just gonna be GT5, but with go-karts..

Lou-Cipher3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Power-up's in a Gran Turismo game?

GT is a sim racing game not a Mario Kart/ModNation Racers game.

Would be funny to see in a GT game though. They could call it Twisted Turismo.

InfectedDK3957d ago

No no no..
Buy ModNation Racers then ;)

THIS LOOKS SO EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
And I have preordered it WOOOOOOOOOOOH

zeeshan3957d ago

GT5: It only does every thing!

rockleex3957d ago

Polyphony Digital is just too lazy to create the exteriors for non-premium cars.


hennessey863957d ago

very boring if you ask me cant wait for gt5 though. On second thoughts go karts online should be fun

Dee_913957d ago

i just remembered gt4 had that nike car

mikeslemonade3956d ago

Take that Nintendo! Mario Kart pales in comparison.

RedDead3956d ago

Wow, the othercars never passed each other once. Ai sucks in this as usual, thank god it's multi mode is good

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badz1493957d ago

Sony and PD are INSANE (is a very very good way!)

Strikepackage Bravo3956d ago

GT5 has go karts, wow, I guess some folks are easily amused.

Ilikegames763956d ago

Get back under the bridge.

insomnium3956d ago

I think it's something you can't install on a memory card entirely.

specialguest3956d ago

Playing the kart game is really going to bug me, because the strong urge to launch a turtle shell to another driver is still strong from more than a decade ago of playing Mario Kart.

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HeroXIV3957d ago

I doubt you'll be able to but I'd love to go to the straight on the nurburgring get one of these, my friend gets a veyron and just drag race. XD

xYLeinen3957d ago

No way. I start to understand why this game has been in development for 1000 years!

Ravage273957d ago

PD apparently spent the last 5 years blowing every single cent of Sony's 60million budget on hookers and booze. /sacarsm

GT5. The Game of Forever.

jootca3956d ago

The Gran Turismo 5 budget is $80 million, not $60 million!

jack_burt0n3957d ago

it needs a punch button like motorstorm :) looks great tho.

Blazing_Crabs3957d ago

Or the baseball bats from The lost and damned.

PhilipLarkin3957d ago

I have no idea why that is in a game like GT5, but hey - the more the better.

PirateThom3957d ago

One theory is that the selection for karts will be limited and, although usable, will be used to teach fundamentals and lower end licences.

Independent_Charles3957d ago

yeah i could imagine 1st race is a go kart and then it shows you the controlls

Shadow Flare3956d ago

All Formula 1 drivers trained with karts at a young age. This is a proper form of racing and belongs in GT5. Its just a shame mario kart makes this division of racing look like baby glow tripe

Lou-Cipher3957d ago

These Karts are a popular form of racing. Alot of professional Racers spent their fare share of time racing karts. It makes total since why GT5 would have these in the game.

If your going to call your game "The Real Driving Simulator" then you better cover a wide variety of racing genres.

Dee_913957d ago

remember this

and these
nothing like drifting a 1915 for model t :D

i doubt if karts are even the biggest surprise car wise

mayberry3956d ago

The reason there are so few "american" drivers is because of the carting scene in Europe and s. America! It is like little league here! Most youth in these parts of the world where the majority of pro-drivers come from start "karting" after 7-8 years old!

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