Gamescom 2010: Black Ops Kinect, Move and 3D 'Unlikely'

NowGamer reports from the Gamescom show floor that Call of Duty: Black Ops will not support motion control or 3D. With interview quotes from Treyarch's Josh Olin.

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-Mezzo-3103d ago

Who expects Activision to work Extra Hard on a project that they know will sell like *Hot cakes=20zillion copies* even if the Blu-Ray inside the Box is Empty.

big_silky3103d ago

It would sell even if every other package contained nothing but a hot gust of Kotick fart.

3103d ago
zeeshan3103d ago

For a game that uses AVATAR tech, the least they could have done was add 3D tech to it! Meh! I think I am gona pass this game just the way I passed MW2

ZombieAutopsy3103d ago

Don't games have to be at least 720p to be rendered in 3d anyways?

dosgrtr3103d ago

if cod goes 3d then well,360p resolution for cod in 3d confirmed!

justlikeme3103d ago

We're too lazy to do that.

DelbertGrady3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I don't like Activisions methods either but bashing them for this is silly.

Think about it. The amount of work and resources needed in relation to the size of the install base that own 3D TVs. How many of you own 3D TVs? Would you choose not to buy a game because it lacks 3D support? Do you think the COD audience will?

I think Activision would lose more money from adding it than they will by not adding it. The resources needed don't make up for the small install base that own 3D TV sets.

Would motion controls add or take away from the experience in a fast paced FPS game like COD? Which seems more likely? I think motion support in an FPS game can be awesome. If the games is designed around it that is.

jneul3103d ago

I am going to skip this just like I did with MW2, Killzone 3 looks miles better