First Video Footage of Killzone 3 MOVE Gameplay

Sony has shown the first gaming scenes from Killzone 3 with Move support. The video shows the scenes from the sony keynote.

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sinncross3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Too Cool!
Killzone 3 is going to be an absolutely blast

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meetajhu3108d ago

Ok i'm getting playstation move just for this one game!

Gamehead363108d ago

I am completely sold on move. That was fucking awesome. This is what happens when you put quality motion controls in quality developers hands. For the slow ones, you get quality experiences. You actually get 2 experiences in games compatible with both sets of controls, and games with as much content as this will get my $60. Trash ass ported garbage can kiss my ass and will only get my money when it is 15 or less, plus ill buy it used. Mwuhahahahaha

Ravage273108d ago

Has the graphics improved again? Whatever it is, KZ3 is looking REALLY good right now, and i can totally see myself tossing grenades using the Move. Controlling the elevation might require some practice though :)

sikbeta3108d ago


just for this game? Pffft, I was sold since Sony announced Ape Escape + Move and Sorcery :)

Seriously, the line-up of Move compatible games keep growing and gets better, Move will prove to everyone that motion-controls can be applied in hardcore games

Takoulya3107d ago

I just hope GG makes it so that you don't have to point to the edge of the screen to make your character turn. I don't like that. I want GG to make it so that it's classic camera style. It seems cheap with that camera and reminds me far too much of playing Call of Duty: World at War on the Wii. Not good at all.

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Hydrolex3108d ago

2K guys are watching and hopefuly learning, they are like Damn we are so noobies but it's okay we will show in Mafia 3

Chuk_Chuk3108d ago

That melee kill made me cringe. Damn that was brutal

KingME3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

The thing that made me cringe was the guy was pumping bullets into him prior to the melee kill and it didn't affect him. He should have been dropped like a bad habbit.

Not to mention, the fact that the A.I. troop stared at him for 3 seconds before even taking a shot. He wouldn't have lasted 2 seconds in MW2. It seems that the added move support but forgot to work on the A.I.

Just an observation.

lol although I'm still going to get it :)

nycredude3107d ago

Are you retarded or something it was a demo and most likely in god mode.

DORMIN3108d ago

On KZ3 and Move.

And I just realized this game is still in Alpha build. O_O

D4RkNIKON3108d ago

It is more than just KZ that sold me on Move, LBP2 will be absolutely amazing with move!

Hydrolex3108d ago

" Is it snowing in the game ? Fail, they couldn't put grass in the game so they made it snowing "

hahahaha stupid people make me laugh

Jonoc333108d ago

Ahahaha roozium, if they're bringing Portal 2 to PS3 why wouldn't they bring future games to PS3 too? Are you retarded? And Mass Effect 1 is old. Nobody needs it on PS3 so that's why it's not coming out. Can just play it on PC anyway.

You're right, major damage control.

omi25p3108d ago

mass effect 1 improves mass effect 2 it a big way. How is it old

raztad3108d ago

Looks really good. Accurate and responsive. Immersive. I preordered MOVE yesterday when I learned MAG was getting support.

BTW, is me getting it wrong or you actually can carry more than two weapon in KZ3? I'm surprised nobody has mentioned because, thats is great news!! no more COD "2 weapons only" crap.

gijsbrecht3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

That's indeed what the man said; you can at least carry two big guns with you. Besides the pistol and the knife I assume.

heroprotagonist3107d ago

It's cool, I'm not going to hate just because I am more of a PC and 360 fan. It looks like it will be fun. Sony is at least showing hardcore games can be done with their motion controls.

Consoldtobots3107d ago

nevermind MOVE (we know it will be great) those graphics looks like a generational leap above KZ2. That's why I LMAO at dumb fanboys trying to troll the Cell.

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gamerzBEreal173108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )


i hate these google articles so much

Shmai_the_Cat3108d ago

Looks astonishingly good. Never expected Move to work that well. MUST HAVE.

Natsu X FairyTail3108d ago

very good like socom it work.

THE MAX SPEED 213108d ago

Very good like socom. It works.

What's so hard to understand there?

CryofSilence3108d ago

I'm reading it as, "Very good. Like Socom, it works." ;)

KingKiff3107d ago

Grammar never hurts.

I don't like re-reading comments to try and get the point of it.

Simple things like commas (,) and full stops (.) and the biggest thing of all, proper use of capital letters, can make it so much easier for the rest if us.

Hydrolex3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

lol I didn't understand what he said either ! so it's either my english or his english messed up, I guess it's mine... NOTTTTTTTTTTTT

Consoldtobots3107d ago

who you kidding King, I've seen a white teenager on JEOPARDY use ghetto slang. I cringed at hearing the english language get mangled by someone with at least a middle class upbringing.

jack_burt0n3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

oh its better than i could have imagined it looks so effing good. visceral meaty and responsive.