Do PS3 Gamers Really Need Mass Effect 1 Before Mass Effect 2?

After the huge PlayStation 3 Mass Effect 2 announcement earlier today at the 2010 Gamescom, many questioned if Mass Effect 1 would be part of this deal. BioWare made it clear that Mass Effect 2 would be the only game to make its way to the PS3, while Mass Effect 1 would remain a Microsoft exclusive. Most all around gamers have more than likely played both ME1 & ME2 on the PC or Xbox 360. But, how about PS3 gamers that have only owned a PS3, can they enjoy and understand Mass Effect 2 without playing the first game?

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Noami3106d ago

They can always buy the first game on PC on Steam for 20$?
if they want to play it..there's always options.

SeanRL3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

My pc can't run it? Then what?

Edit: I can't afford a 360 right now and why would I bother if I could? It's only got a couple good game coming out. Also, I've got a laptop, I can't do much with this thing.

N4GAddict3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Upgrade it of get a 360.

Noami3106d ago

Work save money? either upgrade ur pc wich may cust abit ..around 300-500$ If it isnt so outdated or buy a cheep xbox360 archade wich is around 150?-200$ is ur choice but since ur name says psfan i doubt u will do that for a thing so it leaves u to upgrade ur pc.. Its only if u realy want to play the first thats all since they say it wont be coming for ps3..

Dragun6193106d ago

I'm sure bioware will give us a summary or details of what happens in the first one instead of just dropping us in the middle of the mass effect trilogy. Or that hours of bonus content could be a summary of events for mass effect 1. Hopefully bioware will reveal some time soon like this week at gamescom on how theyll introduce players that are new to the series in mass effect 2.

3106d ago
GWAVE3106d ago

I already played and completed ME1 on 360 when it first came out.

And also, Bioware made it very clear that altough ME2 has connections to ME1, you can play ME2 without knowledge of the first game and still completely understand it.

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N4GAddict3106d ago

It would have been more convenient for EA to bundle them for PS3.

Quagmire3106d ago

MS wouldnt allow it

everyone should blame Microsoft, as usual, thanks for fudging up the industry, ya queers

SOAD3106d ago

Well, no, Quag. Microsoft will soon realize how much has slipped through their fingers.

They can just give it all up, which I somewhat hope, or they can cling onto what they have and try to rebuild. A lot of people might think that losing on exclusive is not a big deal, but this is Mass Effect 2. It's one of the greater games this gen, and for Microsoft to just let it go is a sign of weakness and surrender.

Or one might argue that it's just the opposite. Often I wonder what MS has up their sleeves. But as time goes on, we see nothing. Their sleeves might be very long.

Playerz83106d ago

Isn't the first Mass Effect owned by Microsoft? If that's the case, who cares, the second is a hundred times better than the 1st.

Demonsdown3106d ago

Here is the problem with doing it that way. The whole point of these games being setup the way they are is that you build the universe through your decisions. Without an ME1 save your left with the default ME2 game.

There are ways around publishing contracts hopefully EA takes one of them or else I think this will be a mistake for them.

animboo3106d ago

without playing the first part, didnt even miss much of the story from 11, its like its not a sequel at all.

pain777pas3106d ago

I played the first ME on th 360 and PC. I prefer using a controler so for what its worth pick up ME1 any way you can get it. Better graphics, frame rate, less pop in textures on the PC make the decision alittle difficult though. The game was so good at the time that you looked past a million things that were just plain annoying from a polish standpoint. Whether M$ wants to admit it or not they just lost their best game. Yes I said it better than Halo, Gears and Fable. The only RPG I think can test this game is Oblivion. The game is better than Fallout as well. I don't know what M$ is going to do now they need a new game that is there own. Not a me too game, something out of the ordinary. M$ have done well, but I think some of the US hardcore market have been shaken by this news.

Chris_TC3106d ago

It's not just got better graphics, little texture pop-in and faster loading times. The entire inventory system was reworked for very convenient use, as was the HUD, the squad control and the Mako control.

KS19853106d ago

I think that EA should Consider re-releasing the first game onto PS3.
(Before anyone screams at me, I own both a PS3 and 360[S]).

I have been playing ME1 for a while and I have been building up my stats and playing through all the side-missions, and I am hooked. I knew that each time you chat with the characters, your actions cause some different reactions, but I didn't know that it could work on your team mates. Thanks to my persuasion, Wrex is now a better man.

ME was a game about development, development of your team, development of different planets and development of yourself, and this can be used for ME2.

If I was any PS3 user, (That didn't owned a 360, or has a perfectly running PC.) I would try and persuade EA and Bioware to bring ME to PS3 under a alternative title. Something like ME: Genesis, ME: Redemption or even ME: Origins (After Dragon Age: Origins)

It worked for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

hennessey863106d ago

As someone whos played them both i dont think so and plus mass effect 2 is alot better than the first one. Enjoy ps3 owners

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Date: 02/02/2010

Lol, same happend to Bioshock.

Lol, read the comments, you guys will have a good Laugh.

The Most Accurate Comment was:

''You don't have to complain cause it IS coming.

ME1&2 and ALL their DLC on one Blu-ray disc for the Christmas season.''


I'm sure Bioware will cover with something the 1st Part.

I mean, this topic we are talking about right now, was already discussed with Bioware and EA months before, and I bet they already have something to cover ME1 and maybe a surprise.

LordMarius3106d ago

Hey that one was a reply to me when I called Mass Effect A........ Back in the Open Zone days

RememberThe3573106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I think a lot of PS3 gamers would love to get their hands on Mass Effect 1/2. I loved both games, they would definitely be worth the time and money. Two of the best RPGs this gen.

52pickup3106d ago

I don't think it's absolutely essential. Not everybody played both.

Also,doesn't ME 2 on PS3 get additional hours of story not found on the other 2 versions? (I may be wrong here,it may be rumour). If it does,then either way all versions will be missing something,so if you are a completist then you would need at least the PS3 version and one of the other platforms for the whole experience.

Letros3106d ago

Just youtube it or rent a 360 or play it at a friends house or buy it on Steam, the story is quite necessary to understand ME2 and I felt the story was much better in ME1, ME2 just had a really lame way of story progression, it really wasn't epic until the ending.

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