Why Sony's Move offers gamers more than Microsoft's Kinect

Ars Technica:

After looking at the final pricing from Microsoft and Sony, playing many games on both technologies, and getting a feel for what both companies are after, we've come to this conclusion: Sony's strategy is going to offer more to a wider variety of gamers. That's not to say that it will be more popular, sell more, or make more money for third-party developers—it's just that for our audience, Sony is the better bet as of this moment.

Here's why.

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''Move will engage the hardcore gamers''

Not only that.

Move have more than 40 Games. Including for the Casual and real Next Gen Games for Core Gamers.

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wages of sin3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Explain what a "hardcore" gamer is, and while you're at it, tell me how tacking on controls to already existing games is the same as have 40 games? At the very least you should make the difference known in your reply.

One more thing. What is a "real next gen games" as apposed to a "fake" one? Unless you're referring to stictly visuals (which is a plague with this generation of gamers).

big_silky3107d ago

I'll tell you what a "hardcore" gamer is- a 15 year old punk who thinks that they hold a patent on fun and anything that doesn't have violence and titties isn't a real game. Someone who started gaming with PS2 who thinks they know it all and that every game should either fit their taste or gtfo. Someone who talks a good game but ends up buying the same shooters that all the casuals do and rents/pirates everything else. Someone who is so dazzled by flashy graphics that it escapes their notice that the game they're playing is 5 hours long and is so linear that it's literally 1 straight corridor through the game.

Wages, THAT is what a modern "hardcore" gamer is. I hope it answers your question.

GWAVE3107d ago

From the start of the PS3 when it lacked a high volume of exclusives, 360 gamers shouted "HAH! You may have Blu Ray and built-in wi-fi. But we have GAMES! It's all about the GAMES!"

Is it still about the games? Because 360 gamers are singing another tune: "sales! Kinect!"

Does Kinect have games that gamers want to play? Whether you use it or not, at least Move is being supported by dozens of mainstream, gamer-focused games.

Arkham3106d ago


Is the reason you're ordering two Kinects because you want to have four people play at a time? :)

badz1493106d ago

except maybe for racing games and there are tons of games announce which will support MOVE but only a handfull with Kinect. so, yeah, MOVE offers more

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Nitrowolf23107d ago

what Harry potter was on rails? didn't even notice that until i was like how are they moving

Move caters the hardcore and everyone else

DasBunker3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

funny how kinect fanboys made fun of sorcery for the resemblance with harry potter.. and now they get a crappy harry potter game on rails that doesnt even comes close to sorcery lmao

jack_burt0n3107d ago

that really is humiliations right there, I mean they are so lacking in original thought that was all they could do, i was waiting for the potion drinking, effing sad stuff.

Ju3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I think that demo was rather embarrassing. You can't move (well, no pun intended - or maybe it is) ; and it doesn't recognize all gestures. Look how that guy pushes his hands forward 3 or 4 times and his character does nothing. Kinect is a big failure. It's obvious for some now, and for the rest later. Have fun wasting your money.

It might work for some games, but who ever praises this thing has never played the PSEye and experienced the troubles a camera only systems carries with it. Even if the tech improved, the problems are still there (unresponsive, skips gestures, etc).

yewles13107d ago

"Make no mistake, the Move and Kinect are me-too products"

This article just made a mistake.

ThePlaystationFour3107d ago

Am I the only one who disagreed with GreenRingOfLite without reading his comment.. only because it's Green?

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