Virtua Tennis 4: First Gameplay Video (off-screen)

Right after its GamesCom press conference which took place yesterday in Cologne, Sony let attendees have some hands-on time with some of the upcoming PlayStation Move games. Amid the well known The Fight: Lights Out, Time Crisis: Razing Storm and the likes, there was also a demo kiosk hosting the latest new entry in the ever-growing Move games catalog: Virtua Tennis 4 by Sega.

Someone working for PlayStation Spain was there filming people playing, so we've got some YouTube footage to look at.

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N4GAddict3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Move and Virtua Tennis is a perfect match.

zeeshan3105d ago

Ok, now I am really interested in buying a MOVE! I hope we'll have a Cricket game with move support some day! That my friends will be a day 1 purchase (at least for me)

ji32003105d ago

in 3d mode you can play as first person view!!! 3d rocks hopefully they drop the price during holiday season for under 1200 dollar!!!! i love 3 dimension !!!! its like a virtual reality!!!

jack_burt0n3105d ago

As long as there is navigation controller support, so its not all swinging but yeah just play table tennis to get an idea how great this will be.

iWaggleVR3105d ago

It's all swinging apparently. Besides, would you be able to move around with the stick and swing properly simultaneously? Not sure I'd feel comfortable.

BryanBegins3105d ago

I'm sure they will implement complete controls over your player. I mean, come on, this game will not be Move-only anyway, so you can always use the dualshock. So it is only logical to assume that they will allow us to use Move+nav controller (or the DS3 on one hand...).

Although Sega has made a lot of stupid decisions in recent years (well it does seem like a lot of Japanese developpers are a little bit lost in the HD-online era), I can't believe they would screw up that bad.


Very good.

The guy is playing in 3D too.

Getting Move when it comes out.

DelbertGrady3105d ago

Looks really good. I wonder if there's an option to control the movement of the player as well? Even if there isn't it looks like tons of fun.

Sigh3105d ago

I like when the tennis ball comes at you, near your racket, it automatically zooms into your racket FPS style in a way to make sure you hit the tennis ball. Great implementation of gameplay there, pretty minimal but beneficial hopefully.

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