Best Buy's Halo 3 Tax

With the release of "the most anticipated game of the year" right around the corner, retailers know that consoles and accessories will jet of the shelves. So what better way to join the celebration then by adding a Halo 3 dollar tax to many Xbox 360 accessories?

While other retailers are pricing the 360 add-ons at's MSRP, Best Buy thinks adding three dollars to that is the perfect theme to tie-in the Halo Three launch. As many devotee gamers will pop-in to jump-in, why would they suspect they aren't getting the Best Buy?

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power of Green 5710d ago

I'm sure somebody will care about this. Got my Legendary Edition pre-ordered. Going to toss the head peice though.

Marceles5710d ago

Isn't the Legendary Edition minus the head piece just the Collector's Edition?

power of Green 5710d ago

3." according to Bungie; the Legendary Edition, which contains the game disc, manual, interactive bonus disc, Beastiarum, Legendary DVD containing special content exclusive to the Legendary Edition, and a scale replica of the Master Chief's Helmet as a case for the three discs.

This game is going to be off the hook.

Does anybody know where you can get Halo soundtrakz, will i have to buy a halo 3 Edition Zune?.

360Crusader5709d ago

I own the Halo Zune and it only comes with the sound track for Halo 1 and 2 not the 3rd game. Just letting you know if you plan on buying it.

MattFoley5709d ago

Is it pretty easy to get music onto your box with the Zune or is it a pain.

eLiNeS5709d ago

The only time I buy from Worst Buy is if I can stick it to them, make it where they make no money. Like when CC had $20 off two $19.99 or over accessories just recently, I price matched to Worst Buy $200 worth of M$ points, used my $20 rewards cert. and got the points for $85.00. I wounder how much Worst Buy made off that deal? I am sure in the negative!!!

360Crusader5709d ago

Yes iron wolf is right. Its very easy to use.

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jinn5710d ago

once we take this game to the register, nobody will even have tax on there mind. we'll just be anxious to play it.

Covenant5710d ago

I work for Best Buy, and after Christmas last year, all of those accessories listed changed in price to what is currently on the website. In other words, those prices are MONTHS old.

This is NOT an attempt at price gouging with the Halo 3 release, but they ARE charging more than suggested MSRP for some 360 (and other) accessories.

In light of the evidence, the title of this story is grossly misleading.

Steve5195709d ago

the prices didn't seem like this not to long ago. And a 3 dollar price increase on all accessories right before the biggest system seller comes out, hmm...

calderra5709d ago

"This is NOT an attempt at price gouging with the Halo 3 release, but they ARE charging more than suggested MSRP for some 360 (and other) accessories."

So it's not price gouging for the Halo 3 release.
It's just straight-up price gouging.

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