The Secrets of Killzone 3 Multiplayer (Video)

Ironstar: "Killzone 3's multiplayer was just revealed today at Sony's Gamescom press event. The original trailer can be seen here. Being a huge fan of Killzone 2's multiplayer I couldn't wait until Guerrilla, finally, blew me away with this multiplayer footage."

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boogey1573103d ago

annotations and presented very well

YoungKiller253103d ago

Great but those arent new guns they are old ones with new attachments.

the "sniper" is just a Sta-14 with a killzone red dot scope

and the rifle at the beggining is a StA-52 LAR with a Helghast reflex scope

TooTall193103d ago

I hope they don't nerf the 52 in the mp this time. The STA-14 will be even more lethal with a scope.

FanOfGaming3103d ago

Customizable scopes? Nice add =D

AtatakaiSamurai3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

if this game sells 3mill while MW games sell 6mill on the PS, I will feel like personally ringing every PS3 gamers door bell and punching them in f*ing face.

hobo513103d ago

u serios, customizable guns yesssss killzone ftw man k2 is still my favourite mp game

FanOfGaming3103d ago

Post has been updated as well young, thanks for your input.

Thrillhouse3103d ago

You're going to punch someone in the face for prefering a different style of FPS?


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Greek993103d ago

hmm... customizable scopes? Nice.

KingKiff3103d ago

I wana see the under barrell shotgun make a comeback.

Immortal3213103d ago

I'm already lethal with the saboteur badge alone, but if I combine that badge with the medic, I'll be immortal3...2...1...

FACTUAL evidence3103d ago

Ps3 fuckin ownz...,game over.

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2FootYard3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Geez, I think there are actually some bugs burrowed into my legs.............. I hope I don't get fucking limes disease.

SeanRL3103d ago

<<jizzes self>>

Seriously though, custom weapons? Yes please!

Killustrious3103d ago

As YoungKiller25 said, those aren't new weapons, they're weapons from KZ2 with attachments added on.

Weapon customization confirmed?


hobo513103d ago

then y repeat wat he said LOL

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