Famitsu review scores

The latest Famitsu review scores include the first scores for Monster Hunter Diary and surprising scores for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

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Valay3104d ago

Leave it to Famitsu to give Kane & Lynch 2 higher scores than the rest of the world. :P Two nines for the game is crazy.

derkasan3104d ago

Maybe it's because Squeenix made it?

Game-ur3104d ago

They don’t like games with old protagonists in Japan, they call anybody over 30 grandpa there.
Kane and Lynch should been given a special version like Square did with Nier, and make the leads teenagers, and maybe call them Ken and Chin or something. :Þ

SeanRL3104d ago

How bout Chang and chong?. Actually, just have the creative department drop some pots and pans down a staircase. That'll give you 30+ name right there.