G4TV: DC Universe Online Preview

Build your own superhero or supervillain in this action MMO and head into the DC Online universe for interaction with 70 years worth of DC characters. Adam Sessler hears from Wes Yanagi in this preview of DC Universe Online.

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rdgneoz33104d ago

"70 years worth of DC characters" Very nice. Still not sure whether I want to play the good guy or bad guy in it.

Wade_Wilson3102d ago

I would have to be a good guy. I want to work with hereos such as Flash and Booster Gold, not try to kill them. I would like to here them discuss how they would make a balance of power if their are hecka good guys signing up and not as many bad guys enrolling.

I also want to know if there will be an optinal year perscription for like 60 bucks instead of the over priced 15 bucks a month.