Xbox Live Indie-Dome: August 9th – 15th, 2010

Rob Rich returns to CFD!'s Xbox Live Indie-Dome for another week of new releases:

"(Xbox Live Indie-Dome is a weekly feature where we sift through the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace to find the best and worst... so you don't have to!)

"Aaaaand I’m back. I feel much better now, thanks for asking.

"It’s been an interesting week for indie games, I must say. There were some typical mediocre attempts at adding to an already over-saturated genre, some shining moments of awesome and even one very unique (and damn near coma-inducing) take on puzzle games. All-in-all, I’ve enjoyed seeing what bizarre/dull/idiotic/genius concepts the Live indie developers have offered up. Let’s hope next week is as varied as this one was."

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ShadowPraxis3104d ago

Keep your eyes open later this week. We're going to be starting a new, bi-weekly series on free games as well.