Killzone 3, Rage? Bulletstorm looks more impressive visually

VGArabia: While Bulletstorm doesn’t have 3D or Mega Texturing tech, it looks like the new and updated Unreal tech is going to blow gamers away.

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Dance3107d ago

i prefer rage artstyle

lociefer3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

comparing unreal engine to anything is pretty stupid coz it sucks let alone killzone

- Ghost of Sparta -3107d ago

Both Killzone 3 and Rage shit all over Bulletstorm like the pile of ugly outdated Unreal Engine 3 trash it is. This website is always begging for hits, hence the laughably ridiculous headline.


eh, KZ3 looks exactly like KZ2 because its an idle engine going nowhere, definitely not forward. The updated UE3 shits all over it and in February the REAL PS3 fans will prove this when they purchase it over KZ3.

Active Reload3107d ago

I like People Can Fly, Epic, Guerilla Games and iD software( in no particular order)and if I were all of you I would support the games of each company. Don't let your fanboyism have you missing out on some elite gaming.

Bigbangbing3107d ago

My ass is more impressive than Bulletstorm...

and to compare it with KZ3 and Rage is plain stupidity, even KZ2 is WAY more impressive than BS, and Rage with the mega-texure and 60fps? you know what? even Gears of War 3 is more impressive (and I can't wait for it!) lol, this site is nuts and should be banned.

Conloles3107d ago

Hahaha meanwhile Crysis still pwns consoles.

cjflora3107d ago

Meanwhile Crysis is still the benchmark for PC for how many years? Why hasn't another game blown it out of the water yet?

cjflora3107d ago

Hahaha, meanwhile Crysis is still the benchmark for PC games for how long now?

Dee_913107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Because we are all playing them on our TVs right and comparing them

im sorry but how rdr looked before it came out the screenshots compared to what im playing right now is not even close
same for almost every game i got

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talltony3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I prefer killzone 3 to anything seen on consoles thus far.

Btw killzone 3 is still prealpha which is all we have seen.

SOAD3107d ago

I'm not a troll, but KZ3's visuals so far don't seem much better than what I saw in KZ2. I know it's still pre-alpha but what they've shown so far turns me off except for the snow levels at E3. The multiplayer trailer has maps that looked pretty much like KZ2. The colors are kind of dull.

SaberEdge3107d ago

I love Killzone 2 and I know that Killzone 3 is going to end up an amazing looking game, but I have to agree with you, Soad, I wasn't too impressed with the multiplayer trailer. Something about it just looked off.

STONEY43107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Mmm, the multiplayer trailer looked nearly exactly like Killzone 2s graphics with a more stable framerate. The only thing really better is the textures, which are a LOT sharper now. I think the color palette from the snow level is what made it seem to look ALOT better, but when we see Killzone 2 style areas (ala, the multiplayer trailer), it just looks way too similar to Killzone 2.

raztad3107d ago

Honestly KZ3 destroys RAGE without breaking a sweat.

Texture - wise they are on par (but much better than KZ2) but wake me up when RAGE can manage all the stuff going on in KZ3.

ownallconsoles3107d ago

You weren't trolling then, but now you are.

Hoje03083107d ago

The thing I noticed straight away is the increase in texture detail. The image itself is just sharper in general, probably due to the MLAA.

Sigh3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

not trying to join in the hate group against ya but this isn't about if Killzone 3 has surpassed Killzone 2 in graphics. Which I can probably agree with you there, maybe not much has changed looking at the state it's in. But I disagree in terms of comparing it to Bulletstorm which this article states is better looking than Killzone 3 and Rage. Both Killzone 3 and Rage visually look better than Bulletstorm-- to me at least, anyways.

Again, this isn't about if Killzone 3 looks better than Killzone 2.

SOAD3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

How come a bunch of PS3 fanboys are following me around in packs?

I knew you guys were lifeless, but can't you guys post rational comments rather than spamming the threads with insults at me?

Raztad, those screens are amazing. Indeed, I can see the improvements now. All I want is a change of color.


I can see your comment history, and so can everyone else. Stop living in denial.

RememberThe3573107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

What would you expect to be better? Look at those screen shots and tell me what you would rather see. The texturing is amazing, the lighting is amazing, we already know the animations are going to be amazing.

If your going to talk color then we're not even talking graphics, we're talking art style. And we already know we're getting forest or jungle areas, so we can expect them in the multiuplayer. Those picture are of a war torn city, I wouldn't expect it to be bright and lovely. Frankly, if it was bright and lovely it wouldn't be Killzone.

I'm hearing these claims but I'm not hearing anything to back it up. It's as if you guys are just saying it for the sake of saying it.

shadow27973107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Killzone 3's color palette will have variety. The reason the colors in the multiplayer trailer look like Killzone 2 is because they're based on a level that's based on a location that's IN Killzone 2. It's Corinth Highway, on the edge of Pyrrhus (the city that was nuked). You remember how K2 ended? Well Killzone 3 picks up right there. So, expect to see SOME similar color palettes. They ARE on the same planet, after all.

BUT it's confirmed that we'll have snow (whites, blues), jungles (greens?), and space (???). I expect us to see multiplayer levels based on all of them. There's going to be a wider color palette this time around, don't worry.

PS. As great as I think Killzone 3 looks, those screens look like bullshots to me. I'd love to be proven wrong though.

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AndrewRyan3107d ago

Thanks to all the colors and such, while killzone 3 sticks with a grainy grey. However, Killzone 3 is obviously going to have the better textures.

number473107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Why on earth do you guys do this every single time? No multiple platform game released has ever trumped a PS3 title. Its been 5 years. Every single year we go through this, with no results coming from the multiplatform, or the 360 side of the argument.

Last time it was metro2033, Battlefield, Prototype, Pure, Alan Wake, Ninja Blade, Forza, whatever else, and now its Rage & Bulletstorm.

Looking forward to the retail releases of the games that never turn out as everyone hypes them to be, only to exclaim that gameplay is what is important -- even though no one said otherwise. And in case you haven't noticed, the PS3 isn't hitting AAA only in graphics, but gameplay as well. As it should be. Does anyone else remember this is the "next gen?" Or is it just me? Good gameplay is expected of a GAME for christs sake.

Its just the habit of non-ps3 titles attacking the ps3 games tech, then not being able to deliver. Everyone jumped off the Crytek bandwaggon after seeing the utter garbage which is C2 running on consoles. Same exact things going to happen for Rage & their megatextures... I only have history backing me up. The rest have a bag of "buhs" and future speculation. For some straaaannnge reason multiplatforms can't Out Perform PS3 exclusives.

5 years folks...

TheIneffableBob3107d ago

Epic releases an update to Unreal Engine 3 every month.

The August update just released a couple days ago.

SOAD3107d ago

Metro 2033, a multiplat, looks better than Resistance, an exclusive.

Gears of War, a multiplat, looks better than Demon's Souls, an exclusive.

Mass Effect 2, a multiplat, looks better than Yakuza 3, an exclusive.

Resident Evil 5, a multiplat, looks better than Resistance 2, an exclusive.

RAGE, a multiplat, looks better than 70 percent of all PS3 exclusives and better than 90 percent of all 360 exclusives, if not 100.

Brink, a multiplat, looks better than MAG, an exclusive, and Socom Confrontation, and possibly Socom 4.

Metal Gear Rising, a multiplat, looks better than MGS4.

Red Dead Redemption, a multiplat, looks better than inFamous.

Given enough time, multiplatform games will look as good as exclusives, though not in the same year.

number473107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Which results in the same restricted Direct X capabilities on consoles, no phys-x intergration, lack of any real videocard updates to utilize any videocard specific changes from the PC's SDK Updates.

Its not optimized for SPU development, which is why the PS3 runs circles around every single PC-centric engine to date on consoles. These are facts. The fact that they change it has nothing to do with the engines blatant restrictions that manifest in every single Unreal Engine console release to date ( 5 years ).

Gigantic edit @ SOAD:

You are taking crazy pills it appears.

Picking and choosing to make a bull-it argument is pathetic. You cherry pick old games, pit them against new titles, then for the rest of your list, you're making up comparissons based on footage & no gameplay. Yet definitively speaking?

Uncharted 1 & 2 | Killzone 2 | MGS4 | Infamous | Resistance | God Of war | Little Big Planet | GT5 | Ratchet | Socom | trump the following titles in regards to Animation, Textures, Model Detail, Shaders(read as brick looks brick, metal looks metal, water looks water), Lighting, Physics, Amount going on- on screen (Not far away -- gears & all unreal engine titles):

1. Gears of War 1 & 2
2. Mass Effect 1 & 2
3. Resident evil 5
4. Metro 2033
5. Red Dead Redemption -- You really want to claim an empty dessert offers better texturing/models/animation/amo unt going on than infamous? Really?

::Let me pretend to be you::

As well as

6. Frontlines
7. Ninja Blade
8. Banjo Kazooie
9. Forza
10. Limbo

I mean you're serious. Demon Souls VS Gears of War??? Do I even have to address this?

Mass effect 2 vs Yakuza3.
Mass Effect and the unreal engine have absolutely nothing on Yakuza3's content/characters/scale/textu res/lighting. ME just has high res face models, and thats it.

Do you really not grasp comparing old games to new games, and can you not see how that door swings both ways?

I commend you for responding, but next time try harder. Heres a fact:

You can't list a single game that Trumps Uncharted2. As a third person action game. You can't list a single game that trumps Killzone2 as an fps. You cant name a single racer that turmps Motorstorm 2, for off road racing. You can't name a single Driving sim that trumps GT5. You can't name an open world action game in the vein of Infamous & Prototype,(notice you didn't say prototype..)..

It goes on & on.

SaberEdge3107d ago

What? The PS3 hasn't even been out for 4 years yet, so how has this been going on for 5 years? Just sayin'.

karl3107d ago

hahha i want to know who said that prototype was going to look better than KZ2. LMAO

STONEY43107d ago

"Metro 2033, a multiplat, looks better than Resistance, an exclusive."

360 version looks decent (judging from some pictures I saw), and you're comparing to a launch title. I have the PC version though, it honestly look on par with Crysis. But that's PC, really unfair.

"Gears of War, a multiplat, looks better than Demon's Souls, an exclusive."

Different kind of game. Try Uncharted.

"Mass Effect 2, a multiplat, looks better than Yakuza 3, an exclusive."

Different kind of game, I can't really think of a fair comparison here... Uncharted? (3rd person shooter, and yes, I'm calling ME2 a shooter since it isn't as RPGish as the first one)

"Resident Evil 5, a multiplat, looks better than Resistance 2, an exclusive."

Different kind of game, and Resistance 2 is... 60fps? (correct me if I'm wrong)

"RAGE, a multiplat, looks better than 70 percent of all PS3 exclusives and better than 90 percent of all 360 exclusives, if not 100."

I can't argue with this.

"Metal Gear Rising, a multiplat, looks better than MGS4."

Very true, and it runs at 60fps (you can easily tell when you download the trailer). It looks insanely better than MGS4.

"Red Dead Redemption, a multiplat, looks better than inFamous."

No argument here.

"The multiplatform Unreal Engine games never change & look the same."]

The different from Gears to Bioshock, then to Batman and Mass Effect. Given proper skills, Unreal Engine has alot of variety.

boodybandit3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Stop cherry picking and let's get right to it.
Uncharted 2 (PS3 exclusive) looks better than anything on the 360.

As far as where Rage equates in the grand scheme of things? How about just one time we all wait until a game is actually released, you know a finished product, before we secure it's place in the industry. More often than not games fall short, sometimes way short, of preconceived expectations.

Edit: Disagree until your fingers bleed but at least have the courage to respond and point out a game on the 360 that looks better than Uncharted 2.

BulletToothtony3107d ago

Metro 2033, a multiplat, looks worse than Uncharted 1, an EXCLUSIVE

Gears of War, a multiplat, looks worse than Uncharted 2, an EXCLUSIVE

Mass Effect 2, a multiplat, looks worse than inFamous an EXCLUSIVE

Resident Evil 5, a multiplat, looks worse than Killzone 2, an EXCLUSIVE

RAGE looks worse than Killzone 3 an EXCLUSIVE

Metal Gear Rising will NOT look better than MGS4 that is for damn sure, an EXCLUSIVE

Red Dead Redemption does NOT look better than inFamous.. an EXCLUSIVE

Given enough bullshit out of your mouth we can all agree that you do NOT own a ps3.

NuLL23107d ago

Resistance 2 runs at 30 FPS.

SOAD3107d ago

"No multiple platform game released has ever trumped a PS3 title."

I was responding directly to this statement.

You're saying that no multiplatform games has ever looked better than a PS3 exclusive.

Your claim was refuted, so you respond back saying that I'm cherry-picking? Nope, you just failed by making a broad, stupid claim.

STONEY43106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

"Resistance 2 runs at 30 FPS."

Thanks, I haven't played it so I didn't know. I remembered Insomiac stating RnC:ACiT as being their last 60fps game, so I guessed that Resistance 2 might have been.

"Metal Gear Rising will NOT look better than MGS4 that is for damn sure, an EXCLUSIVE"

Download the HD trailer from the Japanese PSN store (find a guide for navigation, since it's a pain). It clearly runs at 60fps, with even more detail than MGS4 (who's framerate is all over the place, 25-60, and it's sub-HD). There's even individual drops of the synthetic blood streaming down.

"Mass Effect 2, a multiplat, looks worse than inFamous an EXCLUSIVE"

Umm yeah it does (I'm judging from my PC version, so this may be unfair, but the 360 screenshots don't look far off). You could be a casual gamer and see this. inFamous 1 isn't the kind of game to brag about graphics. If this was inFamous 2, then it would really be a closer comparsiion. inFamous 1 literally has some of the worse character models and animations in any exclusive game. At least the framerate is smooth. It's really not fair to compare an open world game to a closed one.

"Red Dead Redemption does NOT look better than inFamous.. an EXCLUSIVE"

I haven't played Red Dead Redemption, but the screenshots I've seen look reaaaally good. I doubt inFamous looks better.

avengers19783106d ago

@SOAD Uncharted 2 looks better than every other game on your list. So does God of War 3.
Red Dead does not look better than Infamous at all.
Brink will never have 256 players online at one time.
Rage looks good, but almost every enemy looks the same.
MGR is coming out what 2 3 years after MGS4 it should look better.
Metro 2033 came out 4 years after Resistance, and Resistance 2 and Resident evil both look good.
Given time exclusives will look better as well.

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P_Bomb3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )


You are kinda reaching. Red Dead VS inFamous?! How 'bout PROTOTYPE VS inFamous...which was a real VS last year. In that VS...inFamous looked better than the multiplat'.

It's not hard to see where exclusives one-up similar themed multiplats.

GOW3 looked better than Dante's Inferno
Uncharted 1 looked better than Stranglehold
Uncharted 2 looked better than Tomb Raider Underworld
Resistance looked better than Blacksite Area 51
Resistance 2 looked better than Fear 2
Killzone 2 looked better than Bad Company
MGS4 looked better than Splinter Cell Double Agent
Heavy Rain looked better than Bourne Conspiracy
Demon's Souls looked better than Dragon Age Origins.

Sure some multiplats will look better than exclusives. Bad Company 2 looks better than Haze. But more often than not it's the other way around.

SOAD3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

No, P Bomb, I'm not reaching.

Number 47 gave me full latitude when he said, and I quote, "No multiple platform game released has ever trumped a PS3 title."

So he basically said that no multiplatform game out there has ever looked better than ANY PS3 exclusive.

He knows he's wrong.

Am I wrong in saying that Red Dead Redemption looks better than inFamous?

They're both open world games. RDR is a multiplat, and inFamous is a PS3 exclusive. RDR happens to look better than inFamous.

I was also called out for comparing Gears of War to Demon's Souls, yet I wasn't breaking any rules.

Number47 says that NO multiplat game looks better than ANY PS3 exclusive. He doesn't specify genre or year of release. Gears of War came out in 2006. It's a linear shooter game. Demon's Souls came out in 2009. It's a linear RPG. Gears of War is a multiplatform title. Demon's Souls is a PS3 exclusive.

I contend that Gears of War looks better than Demon's Souls.

Number47, having nothing to retort, responded with, "I mean you're serious. Demon Souls VS Gears of War??? Do I even have to address this?"

Number47 can't address this.

According to his claim, no multiplat game can look better than a PS3 exclusive. He's wrong, obviously.

He made a stupid claim. I proved him wrong. I got many disagrees. Why?

What about this claim by me.

"Brink, a multiplat, looks better than MAG, an exclusive, and Socom Confrontation, and possibly Socom 4."

Am I wrong? Isn't Brink a multiplatform title? Isn't Socom Confrontation a PS3 exclusive? Is it wrong, then to say that Brink looks better?

Now, you might respond back with, "but one was released in 2007, and the other is still in development."

That's true, but if a multiplatform game is going to beat the graphics of a PS3 exclusive at some point in the current gen, why do the PS3 fanboys claim that the graphics of a certain PS3 exclusive cannot be done on the 360? The final sentence of my original post was this.

"Given enough time, multiplatform games will look as good as exclusives, though not in the same year. "

I myself admitted the conditions of my claim.

A lot of PS3 fanboys said that the graphics of Killzone 2 could never be done for 360.

Yet, many now admit that RAGE on 360 is on par with Killzone 2 graphics, but will never look as good as Killzone 3.

Keep in mind that RAGE runs at 60 frames per second on the 360, and Killzone 2 runs at 30 frames per second on the PS3. It's important to note this because it means that if iD wanted to, they could run RAGE at 30 frames per second and push twice as many polygons per frame.

So, all of the people who were claiming that Killzone 2 graphics couldn't be done on 360 were wrong, wouldn't you agree?

Knowing this, let's head back to Number47's original claim that no multiplatform title can "trump" a PS3 exclusive in terms of visuals.

He got 23 agrees and 4 disagrees. My comment, refuting his claim with evidence, received 9 agrees and 20 disagrees, and a slew of replies bashing me.

Also, keep in mind that Number47 "joined" the site 4 days ago. I have a feeling that he's been here a long time, under a different user name, of course.

avengers19783106d ago

I'm looking forward to all these games, but if I had to take one it would be KZ3

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SeanRL3107d ago

I'd do all of them.

4-way of epicness.

mtm59253107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

because all bulletstorm shots/videos are from PC
and dev said they had to struggle to port the game to consoles

jizzyjones3107d ago

Bulletstorm? really? not for me.