Look Closer: Resistance 3 trailer reveals giant spider, thingy and more

At Gamescom during the Sony Press Conference in Cologne, Ted Price finally revealed the trailer to one of the worst kept secrets in gaming, Resistance 3. No gameplay was shown which is disappointing, but a really neat live action trailer shown above… or was it? Trailers like these get posted everywhere on thousands of gaming sites and blogs so I invite you to “Look Closer.” Mutant spiders confirmed.

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Godmars2903109d ago

There's alway been a spider thingy in the series.

Quagmire3109d ago

At first I thought it was that chimera turret thing we saw in Resistance 2

peeps3109d ago

yeh chances are its

Nice little teaser though. love things like this where u have to look out for things.

Looking forward to how resistance 3 turns out tbh. Felt let down by Resistance 2 but was still a fun game. Would love if they went for a much darker survival horror type feel which is what this teaser hints at imo

CryofSilence3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Actually, I think it's a Stalker which have been around since the first game.

peeps3109d ago

I see your point. The much larger mechincal looking body looks more like a stalker than widowmaker.

The widowmakers cooler though :p

ReservoirDog3163109d ago

Yeah, there's been things that are spider/crab-like but never any actual spider things. Hope it's more crab than spider and hope it's not very realistic (<--- spider fearing guy who loves insomniac's games).

JayX6663109d ago

since watching alien when i was young, anything like a spider in a game and i cant finish it. resi5, DMC4 and alien vs predator being the main ones

Beefstew4u3109d ago

You hope it's more crab so you know where to attack the enemy's weak point for massive damage? =D

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tiamat53109d ago

I did notice something crawling in the grass in the trailer. But then again Resistance has always had leapers and crawlers

Paradise3109d ago

I thought it was just a stalker

TLG19913109d ago

i didnt see it first time, my mate told me theres a stalker in the back and yeah its probly a stalker

SmokeCheebah3109d ago

looks like a stalker to me, theres a Chimera walking to the right of it.
I also noticed the chimera in the trees right after the stalker passes and an arch right before the train goes into the tunnel, same as the arch in St Louis...

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The story is too old to be commented.