Dragon Age II - Destiny Trailer WARNING: Your pants may explode

Gamescom 2010 is underway in Germany and today was a downright huge day for PS3 gamers with the news of Mass Effect 2 coming their way. But BioWare wasn't done droppin' bombs on us. The release date for Dragon Age II was released as well, it's March 8, 2011. But that's not a Billy Mays-esque maneuver they went ahead and threw in an added bonus...

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jay23104d ago

I love this guys personality, he made me laugh a lot during the article, I'd like to meet him in real life, I think we'd be good friends.

Anyway, on topic, I'm looking forwards to this game.

WetN00dle693104d ago

TOO LATE, my pants just exploded from the awesomeness of this game!
Cant wait to play this title.

koehler833103d ago

Oh boy.. more random CG.. just like the opening movie of Dragon Age Origins that had absolutely nothing to do with the game.


HelghastKid3103d ago

Ah come on man, even if it was CG you cant say that trailer wasnt badass. Bioware sure know how to get people pumped for there games :p

R2D23103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Dragon Age may have fooled me once with there CGI but that wont happen this time around - will need to see the gameplay first.

How can Bioware release a game with good graphics like Mass Effect 2 and then release some half a$$ looking game like Dragon age.

AndrewRyan3103d ago

They didn't even DO CGI.

dc13103d ago

There was no reason to try to lay smack on R3 (The R3 trailer was BA*8)

In short - Both were great.
Keep the love going and resist the hate man.... resist the hate.

Darkfiber3103d ago

Seriously, why did people say they liked that one Star Wars CG trailer so much? Now they wont stop making them.

N4BmpS3103d ago

I like the trailer CG or not, I like it. Haven't played DAO yet but

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The story is too old to be commented.