Xboxic: Ubisoft's Full Body Kinect Game "Fighters Uncaged" Leak

Xboxic reports: "Today Xboxic has been emailed documents from a trusted source that details a brand new unannounced game from Ubisoft entitled: 'Fighters Uncaged' that is exclusive to the Xbox 360 console for Microsoft's Kinect device. The game is expected to be released during November 2010, to coincide with the launch of the new hands-free controller and uses full body movement."

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ActionBastard3107d ago

I can't wait to see this in action.

MariaHelFutura3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Neither can I.....

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SilentNegotiator3107d ago

Both The Fight and this look extremely meh and on-rails (pre-animated gesture based).

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Biggest3107d ago

You don't get to make a new definition for an already established term. On-rails refers to rollercoaster style movement. Games like Time Crisis are perfect examples. The Fight, although looking pretty stupid, is not on rails because you move with an analog stick and can move where ever that analog stick is allowed to take you in the 3D space. Kinect's lack of an analog/movement device would make their version of full body fighting more likely to be on rails. But I do agree with your opinion of "meh" for both games. I'm too big for that crap.

Bigpappy3107d ago

Leave it to UBI to spoil a fanboy party. I could easily wait until next year for them to get hardcore titles done right. But this already looks better than the fight in its first showing. no need to have 4 controllers to use you legs either. Looks like 3rd party is serious about supporting Kinect. What do you think? Do you want me to state the facts? Or do you prefer I join the let hate Kinect gang on this site?

rroded3107d ago

lets see how it looks and plays when it hits eh

ARBitrator3107d ago

Definitely looks better than "The Fight". I'm sure as we speak Sony's CEO is under Ubisoft's CEO's desk trying to convince him to release it for move, because he knows "The Fight" is garbage.

dustgavin3107d ago

"no need to have 4 controllers to use you legs either."

Of course not because it is on rails. Speaking of..why would you need 4 controllers to move your legs??

evrfighter3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

looks like laggy goodness. but still looks like it'll control better than the fight.

and some people really need to look-up what "on-rails" means.

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ingiomar3107d ago

Finally some ''hardcore'' games that is if you count out harry potter which i think should be considered hardcore

SilentNegotiator3107d ago

Sorcery is Harry Potter, Move is a sexual device, and SOCOM4/Killzone 3/Dead Space 2/etc/etc/etc doesn't exist.

Yeah, yeah, we've heard them. GTFO.

rroded3107d ago

even on the ps3 with move it aint hardcore tho ill prob buy it for the kids if its fun i may even give it go but its still not hardcore.

Hades13373107d ago

Now this is more like it, this is the type of game I was expecting to see at E3.

outrageous3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

This is something that would be great for everyone. The graphics look great. I wonder if they will use the voice recognition tools that M$ has with the dev kits. Yelling out directions would be cool.

Full body mapping is starting to take shape with games like this as well as Ubi's Your Shape and MTV's dance central. Obviously a Tiger Woods golf game with full mapping of the golf swing would be awesome. The Harry Potter game has potential but the EA live demo was a

ATLGAMER3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )


BTW...still no hardcore games.....

GaMe013107d ago

Isn't it air fighting with move to?

EVILDEAD3603107d ago

Wow..if they pull that off..other than Eden and sports..that's the game of the launch

specialguest3107d ago

I could take on the fat guy with the face tattoo. He tries to look intimidating, but I could tell he'll gas out quick with that fat belly body and T-rex arms of his.

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gamingdroid3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Finally a full body tracking fight game!

spacetattoo3107d ago

looks fun, if more games come flowing by the time of release we will have a bit to toy with.

I still want to see conker release with some kinect support not all just a choice to use it. like when you piss out the flames in the later levels of the last game. would be funny as sh--. do more like that.

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T9X693107d ago

Looks like Kinect might have one solid game at launch....that is unless you enjoy Dance Central which is about the only decent looking game, but I hate dance games so it might as well not exist.

-MD-3107d ago

Sounds interesting. Need more info though obviously.

thisisxbox3107d ago

I agree - a good solid launch game, and the interview document at the bottom of the news details it even further... can't wait, a decent fighter if ever I saw one.

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